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Business now for the first time the dallas cowboys at a black quarterback is one hundred percent the face of the franchise outside the lights every saturday at nine. Am eastern on espn. I mean thousand possibilities to me. I'm probably as intrigued by the home games. on a program in ohio today and and They were you know boastfully talking about. How can you imagine a southern team having to come up here. of course. that's probably not going to happen because Alabama ohio state would would be ranked pretty high but it could happen You know you could. You could see it. I think i think i saw one of the models a couple of years ago. I think florida would have played at. I think at michigan a couple of years ago. So that i mean there are some intriguing possibility. I or maybe wisconsin but to that would. That's that's an element to the playoffs that we have never encountered it. It's always been the sterile. Dallas atlanta miami pasadena. This year the championship. I think is in indianapolis. Let's get back to the call here and barkley is up next in. Hello barkley get afternoon. Paul heather i'm an old alabama fan originally from alabama support them forever and ever But i wanted to bring the attention that they. Fcs has a playoff and They're not the big boys but the they're right below them and talking about climate and In the fargo dome Just north dakota state has swamped.

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