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A garage you gotta pay to park it and you can't just it's it's so complicated near you could drive in the mall this that new mall in Connecticut the so no you'd figure they have a huge garage that's ninety percent empty where they charge you to park there they should just let everybody know the Westchester mall any of these malls just take down those gates what people park for free thank you should pay them five dollars to come to the mall and you can't just park units on that like put a quarter in some you gotta have an app you go to download this you got a text to to to to seven seven say attacked text this you gotta use your apple but it's just a mess let's go to Judy in Brooklyn Hey Judy hi good morning you know mark I called about I'm cold about something but as you're talking can I please tell you something that really on my mind when you say about shock what's his name Jack Beatty it Chuck Todd need and and and shipped out so if you listen to shitty goes the founder of the founders well guess what he's one of the founders of the resistance and I got news for you March should dispel up with eyeballs in life that they get a pop out you can trip over them that's how that's how horrible get you the founders Franklin Jefferson Adams these great great statesman that you'll get ship this guy's been caught lying five times in five major incidents in the last six months he got caught lying about the whistle blower he got caught lying about he personally had evidence of Russian collusion total lie gets caught lying all the time is good Rita in surely a rear how are you today good I question you yes are you thinking the same thing I'm thinking that the Bolton quotable bomb shell the timing of this bomb chapel it's back given that the defense decimated the entire house argument in two hours yeah well first we don't know if the Bolton stuff is truth the New York Times reporting it to go to put a big question mark on it also what a coincidence Bolton's just about to come out with a book that nobody wants to buy and suddenly it has a startling revelation on the biggest news story in the world that will see if tomorrow it leaks out the Boltons book also has something about the helicopter maintenance on the Kobe Bryant Celica that will know let's go to Vincent Brooklyn had been sent good morning mark I'd like to respond to your first call at a price whatever you are back I got your Frank said don't put Vince on your return on top guided by.

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