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Welcome to pure non fiction the podcast interviewing documentary filmmakers i'm tom powers the documentary programmer for the toronto international film festival and artistic director of doc and y c on this episode i interview betsy west and julie cohen the filmmakers of our bg about supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg now playing theaters the film looks at justice ginsberg's personal and professional history including her days as a women's rights attorney when she brought cases before the supreme court terribly terribly near risk but then i looked up and i thought i have a cath devonian's i knew that i was speaking to men who didn't think there wasn't any such thing as genderbased discrimination and my job was to tell them it really bill also looks at justice ginsberg's long marriage to mardi ginsburg who was ahead of his time as a husband supporting his wife's career i have had the great good fortune to satellite with the partner truly extraordinary for his generation a man who believed at age eighteen when we met that a woman's were whether at home or on the job is as important as a man's our bg is the first feature length documentary for betsy and julie but they both have deep media experience betsy was a producer and executive at cbs news for many years and now teaches columbia journalism school she worked with julie on the series makers about the women's movement the maker series gave betsy her first experience interviewing justice ginsburg later julie interviewed ginsburg for her documentary the sturgeon queens about new york's icon ick fish store rawson daughters but those were brief encounters undertaking a full length documentary and ginsburg was a more daunting task our bg had its premier at the sundance film festival and i showed it the miami film festival rice sat down with betsy and julie i started by asking how they embarked on this project betsy goes i.

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