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They've already got a fair amount of containment and with that aircraft support and eighty plus people on the ground, I'm feeling good right now obviously, today's another rough weather day for us. You know not not high winds but still hot. So that would certainly concerned everybody in the area any indication as to the source of that loose down fire. You. Know what we're looking at right now based on where it started and when we're working with the belief we're probably deal with the lightning star. We'll be looking at that but that's the reminder we talked to the community. It's always nice to hear a storms coming through and you know a couple of days earlier we had a couple of. storms blow through. However, they brought very little moisture and they brought lightning and so I know we watch the lightning strikes. We had states multimodal aircraft up helping us to look for potential start. So at this point unless we see something different, it's certainly looking like lightning str- start up there. We had another one on Saturdays well up off of. Cherokee Park road near eating reservoir that one was contained to just a few trees and again, look like a lightning strike. Well, that is very good to hear turn into that Cameron peak fire growing to eighteen thousand, two, hundred, eighty, seven acres on Sunday twenty eight point six square miles zero percent containment as of last night where do we stand on that? Well. I wouldn't important thing to to share with you on that gale is that it's moved more westerly than anything which is really a surprise to us typically the winds for us you know blow and pull that stuff. More forward, and we were concerned about it coming the biggest concern population wise is for it to go north and east and be pushed.

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