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Podcast and if we agree chase claypool their most talented guy. He gets three catches for fifty four yards. I don't know why diontae johnson has thirteen targets. I don't think he leads. The nfl and drops he did catch td pass. Claypool had their one big explosive thirty seven yard. Play other than that. I mean this is pittsburgh offenses just awful offensive line is just in shambles. I don't care that connor wasn't there. He's not going to be able to run behind that line. Benny snell ran hard. But ultimately like you know steelers catching l. and It's time to push that panic button. If you are mike tomlin and the pittsburgh steelers right. Let's get to the interview joe. Cya johnson previewing the nba season. What's up everybody. It's jill scott and here's one of my favorite moments from j. dot. Ill the podcast brought to you. By netflix's new film my rain. His black bottom in the powerfully strong presence of my rainy that loomed over the whole world over everything. It's almost unbelievable. She has such free she was so free. You know what i mean. That's the way that she spoke to those. Those white men who know word ran her record label and wish she refused to do and she understood it house. He understood that she was a tool and all they won it was her voice was going to make sure she got everything that she wanted. They.

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