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MUSIC OF HOW AJ! Makers and that was a few and vibe. Now here, buddy, veto with an over emphasis on romance too much in love. Think oh those. Of You. Of You. Much in? ooh! Wind be I might. Boy those words and this time it's Kitty Kallen with a word to the wise. It could happen to you. Oh? Oh. And I. Jerks. Oh Did one Oh Here we have a number which has had a lot of listening to and deserved. Harry, James, and the news and makers play on the Alamo. Off. I love. Now it's Terry. Dan from the Orchestra and a bit reminiscent. I'll remember April. That isn't drop them on the roof of the hotel. Astor and New York City. Columbia sending your way. The music of Harry, game and his music maker. Says BBS the Columbia Broadcasting System..

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