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Sweeney dated september twenty first sent by lawyers representing apple informs. The company that apple will not reinstate epics developer account until the appeals had been resolved a process that could take years quote apple has exercised its discretion not to reinstate epics developer program account. At this time the email reads. Furthermore apple will not consider any further request for reinstatement until the district court's judgement becomes and non-appealable and quote the message notes that judge yvonne gonzalez rogers. The judge in epic v apple concluded. Apple was within his rights to terminate any epic related accounts. It desires from the app from the app store. Epic has already paid final financial damages for breaching his contract quote apple wide. Sweeney wrote apple spent a and this is a sweet continues. Apple spent a year towing the world. The court in the press they'd welcome epochs returned to the app store if they agree to play by the same rules as everyone else epic agreed and now apple as necked in another abuse of monopoly. Power over a billion users end quote. Apple did not immediately respond for request to comment the decision appears to scuttle epochs attempt to return for night to the ios apps store in south korea which recently passed rules requiring alternate payment method. Support it also leaves fortnight's future elsewhere future elsewhere in question epic had recently updated okapis. Four nine iowa's remotely to remove the books purchasing options theoretically putting it back in compliance with apple's rules but without a working developer account epic can't re-release the game in any country. Mike continues one word. Had him okay. Bless this is patty. This is just one of those coming out of a bad break up and like you try and then all of a sudden you do some petty stuff and it just doesn't look good y'all but on the real though if anybody needs an iphone with fortnight on it i got one it'd be up like i gotta copy bird now right when you own a hardware like i seen it available in the us for night now on irs no. I thought that they'd let that go through like two weeks ago. Dot com slash. You're wrong. I thought the whole thing is that is not available anywhere or on iowa specifically but i might be incorrect about that. That's just. I don't know i mean it's tough to fathom you can look at both sides of the thing. This has been a long drawn out. Court case has gotten ugly in some situations and no matter. What side of the ball. You're on and the whole situation. It's just really sad too bad to see that this is the move that apple wants to do right. This is a big time game still to this day. It's a massive game that everybody wants to play in to take it off. The device sucks but it is their platform. It is their devices. They get to choose what gets put on there. And if that's how they wanna play and they can play hardball. That's how it's going to go. Unfortunately and it's sad to see the petty is the is the right term for it right. This is one of those ones. Where in this back and forth. I've been mostly on the side of big for that one point of. Hey we want to be able to monetize elsewhere that is a stance that in a victory that is going to be good for developers overall. Just for who i am and what my i guess like stances are i just i care. More about developers do of the platform holder. being apple. apple has all the money in the world. They're going to be fine. If they let developers make more money on the thing that they're making But aside from that issue. I don't really have a stake in this at this point now. That epic has won. That one thing that they were fighting for in lawson plenty of other ways they won. That think i'm sitting back and i'm like cool like let the fall happen between you two. I don't care anymore. The fact that tim sweeney comes down there like apple wide apple. Spent apple told the world that they let us back. But they're not letting us back. The fact the fact that this is the aftermath of it i think was eventual. What did you expect..

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