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The line for extra bases and he didn't think that this is going to be able to get to but he did now a fastball to justin bore in there for a strike you know it would be interesting now six years later with the giants have been shifting against castro that is interesting and i don't care to think about it here's a all in the dirt it's one and one with you what are the things i do remember mike crook who had the night off that night i was on television with dwayne kuyper here's the one in one pitch to the powerful bore any bounces afoul off the catcher in a rolls to the right strike to before the game jason castro's parents came up and visit us in the booth and we have met them when castro had made his major league debut and might have just been the season before in houston and he had a home run against matt cain in that series his first major league homered now four hits a line drive foul off the left field line wanted to and then we saw he wasn't in the line of a week kind of kidded with his parents about why not in the he's the one guy who's had a lot of success against came and they said well we don't know and he didn't know either and then all of a sudden with two down in a perfect game night they there he comes as a pinch hitter is like whoa now the pinch bore takes low from suarez georgia the cow but so many memorable things about that game and of course the i guess the the signature play the incredible catch by gregory blanco more in center field and right grab ball to the shortstop crawford the only man on that side of the infield gloves it and throws him out at first so justin bore is retired two down and one of the greatest catches that you'll ever see in any situation but certainly in a no hitter or a perfect game just an incredible catch by i i'm sure you're like i am where i could sit here and close my eyes.

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