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Market of Pittsburgh tradition. You know, kind of throwback because we have one of the former Steeler greats here again with his through the Super Bowl. You know, just before the show starts, I kind of feel like I don't know whoever was really going against Jerry Kramer during Dick's for the Green Bay Packers. Just what I think I've figured it out. Jerry packer. Jimmy Taylor sweep and they just blow me off my seat. You know what I'm saying? I wonder why you're doing calisthenics. Vani before we get into anything. Can we just talk? A little throwback football. When football was really football. I love the game today. I mean, I I can't get enough of it. But man, when you start mentioning names like, you know, Jerry Kramer. I mean, even used a kid growing up in Cleveland. You had to be just such a fan of the game. Especially in Cleveland with some of the Gretchen, Chuck, no, of course, a offensive lineman in Cleveland back in the day. Well, there's no question that the Browns in in in one thousand nine hundred sixty s when I grew up in their playoff football team. They win the championship in one thousand nine hundred sixty four Jim Brown with Frank Ryan at quarterback Dr Frank Ryan. Okay. Jimmy Brown and what a great football team. That was a lot of names Randy feet ner. Okay. I mean, I use to Bill glass, and I used to go to be able to go up and down that roster and be able to tell you who started on offense and new started on defense. I was locked into it. Pretty heavily when when I was growing up in in, you know, through the nineteen sixties, and I was at their last championship game fourteen days before I went into Marine Corps. And and I saw the Baltimore Colts beat beat the Browns at in Cleveland, and we were devastated. I mean, it it carried that that was last championship opportunity as a football team back then. When when you know the Browns and the Steelers, I never realized the Steelers were that bad of a football team. They were bad. Okay. Because every time they play the Browns. They they played very well. And until I got to Pittsburgh when I researched how bad the Steelers were back, then didn't realize dick shiner can't Knicks black and white as opposed to black and gold their colors, and I remember one Christmas from Sears department store. I got a Steelers starter jacket and was black and white white sleeves black content with Steeler logo. And boy, I'll tell you that was just a big deal as a kid growing up. And I was able to see an awful lot of great Packers games because they were in the NFL championship game against the against the Browns. So you're right. Jerry, Kramer, and Jim Taylor. And that that the Green Bay sweep right and sweep lab Lombardo. Lagarde's he would he would do. That for hours make them. Do it absolutely deal coaching style of you know, run it and run it and run it and practice every single day. One play. Did you think seriously just for a minute indulge me because it really is all about football through the Super Bowl coming up in a few short weeks when you stepped out onto the field at three rivers, and you know, you you ran out through the tunnel. Whatever national anthem, I know you, you know, you're patriot. And that's why I love you. But still you had to think my cleats you're on the turf in the National Football League. And I'm playing in the lake, you know, the seven years I played in the National Football League. I never took it for granted that that. I was there in in. Now is that is that you had to perform very well in order for you to stay there. And I think that's the key to it. All was the fact that we were you know, I was part of the greatest football team. Never played a game. Nobody can argue that as far as I'm concerned, especially on the defensive side. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. I mean, you know, you you just look at your year-by-year stuff in in those seven years were amazing years for that franchise. And the best thing about it was that when we practiced can you imagine watching Mel blunt cover stallworth and swan in practice in those two guys are knows, you know, three guys going at it really hard at practice. Our pass rush practices were violent. I can imagine the collective bargaining agreement. Today, you could never you couldn't have ten minutes worth of your practice now. And you know, and this is through the season. This is, you know, Wednesday Thursday, honest with me were you afraid at times. I mean, come on, you're marine and your tough guy and you scare me just looking at your times. But were you ever afraid? The only time I was afraid was one time when Lambert and Ernie Holmes got into a little bit of an argument in the locker room, and and it was like, okay. This could this. The only time. That just goes to the mentality of the great Jack Lambert who was two hundred twelve pounds soaking wet against Ernie Holmes. Who was a a big young, man. A big young man would be able to move a mountain if he wanted to you couldn't hurt him. No, there's nothing you could do other than to hope for the best. That's when you simply say, okay within three seconds as soon as he touches me break it up. I'm Ben in break it up you grow up as a kid. In in wherever you grew up back in the fifties and sixties you get your neighborhood fights, and that type of thing over as quick as right, right? And you know, the punches are thrown, and there's no knives and guns and all that stuff. That's on the streets today. You just went out and he get beat up. But I mean here you are you signed for fifteen hundred bucks, and you've got to white white. And you know, I mean, the guy who you eventually would get that opportunity against, but I mean, Joe Greene Elsie Greenwood Ernie homes. I mean, did you ever think you would even I mean, I guess you have to believe in hope, it Hayek crack that lineup is beyond. I mean that was the most amazing thing about going to training camp in nineteen seventy five. I knew I had one shot only one shot rookie free agent in twenty five years old. And that was you know, it never entered my mind that I had to beat out one of those guys in that was made clear to me by George Perlas, our defensive line coach, you know, we were in camp week before the veterans came in in the first meeting we had with George. He says, hey, you rookies, none of you guys are gonna beat out Joe. Greene Ernie homes away. So you can forget about that. Okay. Don't even think about playing defensive lineman. Okay. Whoever makes his football team is going to have to play on special teams. And you're going to have to cover kicks. You're gonna have to be able to block on on kickoff returns and punt returns. And that's who's gonna make this football team. Well, that just opened the door for me. You know, I was two hundred twenty seven pounds. Reckless abandon, and I could run at the, you know, pretty good at two hundred and twenty seven pounds. And and I knew that was my shot, and so I- prepared might obviously through all the drills with Joe green and Ernie homes and Dwight no see, you know, I focused on those I've focused knowing that they were the best in the game. How how they got there? And what I could do what I could copy would I could. You know, try try and bring into my game as a defense. Let me go to break here. And we'll come back, and listen it is a big football weekend. Maybe the biggest weekend of the year. So we'll focus a little bit more on that. But you look at Ellen page in Minnesota, and obviously deacon Jones, and Rosie Greer and Merlin Olsen in Los Angeles in your opinion, and you grew up watching and playing against the Steelers steel curtain the best ever in the game. Yes. Yeah. This unit. Yeah. No question. No question. And you put them on the field today. They still dominate as say if they were. Yes. Yes. Okay. Physically would absolutely destroy offense nine. That's what I like to have -solutely physically. Go out there, gene. Hickerson walk off the field. Like, Ernie Holmes. Did he walked off the field retired? But hey, third quarter. Not as good as Bill Fraley going over to the central Catholic coach as a young man saying EY have anybody better than these guys. We'll be back. Happening. Now, we're hearing now. Katie and no an ad from dad..

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