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And weather together on the eighths. Here's Neil fear. Rita. Plenty of slow downs this afternoon. Chris will start on northbound lakeshore drive where that's slow because it's actually stopped right now because it's blocked all lanes are blocked before. Chicago. Traffic backed up near Roosevelt Ingram, partial, basically, what's happening. Now is a crash is taking out all of the lane. So you might wanna use Michigan avenue as good alternate to avoid all this mess here. Edens the outbound trip that is fine at nineteen minutes from Montrose to lake cook. Coming in vomits, twenty five minutes lake cook to the junction Centre Lane reopened right before the Kennedy due to an earlier stall, the Edens spur that's heavy in both directions. Kennedy out twenty two Montross eighteen and the express at our two out to the airport and coming in at forty five minutes from O'Hare, the accession eastbound pretty heavy as you'll leave O'Hare to the tri-state up on Eisenhower, forty five minutes to Mannheim and fifty eight to route three ninety it's a fifteen minute drive from route three ninety into downtown and thirty for Mannheim. Inbound Stevenson, thirty five minutes to Cicero. Forty five to the tri-state and one hour to three fifty five thirty seven coming in from three fifty five and twenty seven from the tri-state fifty-five is decent right now through county. The Dan Ryan roadwork on the left and right sides passed eighty seventh and forty minutes now downtown the ninety fifth coming inbound twenty to fifty seven is clear as is the Bishop Ford freeway again lakeshore drive northbound salad from Roosevelt through grand park before Chicago with all lanes blocked off at the moment. Over on the tollways. Tri-state southbound heavy from the Cermak told the before Ogden northbound approaching ninety another heavy backup between north avenue. Embel- moral ninety four near Kenosha pretty heavy traffic from route one fifty eight route one forty two pretty much at a crawl from an earlier rollover semi crash blocking all but the left lane is where you're getting by rest of the tollways are decent the roads in northwest. Indiana looked pretty good,.

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