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You build the app of your dreams it's not code penn but it's also not an id it's something else yes it's something else all right i've tried to do with glitches really kind of open up you know design and development for a new audience we want to eliminate the barriers that you know kinda prevent people from wanting to learn how how to create on the web so you can either create a brand new blank project you can remix any of the projects that we have on our website or at any of our collections it's really open for people to just explore and learn and you know have a good time on the web you know we we've taken out all the you know kind of barriers in jerky stuff that sort of prevents people from wanting to learn how to code or to to really get active on the way we want to bring the fun back we wanna bring back that sort of you know late nineties geo cities angel fire tripod kinda fun with creation on the web yeah it's interesting because it is clearly designed in that it is it is thoughtful or it doesn't look slap together it has a design language the buttons the hovers everything is clean but it also has an end i don't mean this in any way in a to insult it it has a a nineties kind of silliness or sloppiness almost like i was looking at a little a little cat popped up you know you don't really think of a corporate site with a little cat in the corner click on the cat didn't talks about like here's some new stuff and then there's like a little dog with his and then there's like oh here's a enemy to gift from no limit records like it does it is both simultaneously well designed and thoughtful but also silly in its color scheme and its use of animated gifts and stuff it's it's kind of a foot in both worlds you know what i mean here i think the kids these days would call that aesthetic is that the aesthetic is that the imagine aesthetic in like a like a model line font spaced out people who are listening what i'm talking about it's very we do intentionally make sure that we have that kind of fun design so it becomes more profitable you know i really want to empower people to create and if it just looks like some boring state id than people might not want to want to use it yeah exactly and this is a great way to pick up you know node programming java script programming whether it be on the back end of the front end and then maybe graduate to a an id lakers studio code at some point down the road when you've learned which wanna learn yeah and with the way that we have set up you can even you know export to get hub if you are more familiar with get up or you wanna graduate to using you know kind of a different environment like that you can even do that you can import repos from get hub just to kind of.

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