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Do you believe Mitch Robiskie has taken his last meaningful snap as a member of the Bears? Over 85% saying yes, they believe Mitch has taken his last meaningful snap as a member of the Bears, assuming no injury. We will see what the head coach has to say. Will he commit to Nick Foles going forward? He just met the media via Zoom. Here's what he had to say. I'll start off here. First of all, you know, just saying how much of an emotional game that was, you know, in so many different ways were super fired up that we've won. Um, And but there are a lot of emotions that go into that and you know the start off when you start looking at some of the injuries, unfortunately, looks like three. Cohen after we get confirmation looks like end up tearing his A C L. So that'll be a big blow to us there with that, which is unfortunate, so proud of that kid and he's been really growing. That part you don't like, you know, obviously the quarterback situation a cz. You know it can be. There's a lot of emotions that go into that. The's kids, these players and and so that was a move that we ended up making and and so what? We're super fired up that we won the game and we have acted And, of course, the amount of respect that I have for Mr Blank. And the Atlanta Falcons organization. I just think that they do a lot of things right way. I have a lot of respect for Dan Quinn, and they know I know it's it's tough there too. So anyway. Big big picture from our game. Start off with some discipline we had. You know too many penalties. I think we have like 12 penalties going into this game, which I was really proud of our team being disciplined, and then we had. I don't know double digit penalties today in every phase. So that we got eliminate. We can't. We've got to be able to get off the field. That said, our resiliency in our perseverance of these players, the high character guys we have. There's something special about this. This group. You know, I don't know what it is, but there's something special about this team. I love it proud of him. No one gave up are you know the fourth border to be able to come back with a 20 years for frost versus them is great. There's just again. Like I said, there's a lot of good things or some bad over three. No, that's that's that's what we're not going to lose sight of. Hey, Mia. In terms of making that decision, what was the The point for you looking back at the misty throats, Anthony Miller. Then you can be the interception there against only what was the point where you knew a change here to be made. I think really went when, when I knew it was was the interception there on third down. We were struggling on third down a lot. We weren't producing points in the red zone. And, you know, I just think that sometimes there's a gut feeling as to when to do it. And that just that seemed like the right time and it's never It's never fun. You know, we guys understanding relationship that we built with the guys whose players there's their strong relationship. It's not easy. But it's you know, there's there's personal relationships and past relationships and that that's just where we're out of that. So you knew after that interception, But is this something you have talked about with your coaching staff with the quarterbacks at half time that this might be happening? We discussed it. You know, I just think that there was a little bit of just there was. We were lacking a little bit of a rhythm. There wasn't a lot of energy. There was just something missing a little bit. And again. I always say, you know, it's ah. When you're when you're playing quarterback, there's only one of them. And when no matter what usually when things are going really well, you get all the credit when you price should and things are not going well, get all the blame when you pry should it but At the same point time that comes with the job and you know we discussed it, but we wanted to be able to go out and just trying to get a feel for where how things would go on, then. Really when that interception occurred. I think he just kind of felt like okay, we gotta go toe. Make a move here. Compass, E as this break from my window. It would seem like it will be hard back that we decided what the next couple days will be like for you as far as the play's going.

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