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Beach on the beach on the very first day he had aligned again get in an everyday sansui worked hard they worked hard and then i think it was a year or two later he bought what will became the crystal palace and hired john morgan who is the next guy in line john morgan as dick dick we'll tell you is that was the most successful of all a happy hour singers because he bought puffer bellies and that became just a gold mine the biggest cystic dirty still around he is he's just recently retired he's in a win of bago travelling the country now with his wife cathy net that's known as being a fulltime now we just sat at the premier and uh i'm happy to say he's at the premier he got up on the stage and said it was one of the greatest nights of his life awhile so i john morgan still around john morgan still plays saturday nights a jake rooney's and harwich and he's been performing over fit i think it's fifty three years uh over fifty year he j sullivan dj sullivan has been retired since 1985 is very successful real estate magnet and on the cape i'll tell you uh last two weeks ago he got up on stage and sang one song it out premier and it was the first time in thirty five years he had performed on stage hank finally gordon milne gordon milne is retired playing golf but uh with with china ground here he's still got it bradley he's you know who come back i mean all these reformers they quit they want to retire and then they get bored and they come back and how many times is harassment than that we china coq some because he's still got it he he.

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