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Biggest economy ever i believe i read something yesterday eras more well more economic activity in the united states america that has ever existed in any country ever in the history of the world not that you're going to see that in a banner headline and the doctor evil post or anything like that but they fully expect that we will come out on the losing end and that's the way that it should be of any trade deal that hundreds of billions of dollars trade imbalance trade deficit with mexico well yeah sure well they need the money more than we this is how we got to be twenty trillion dollars in debt twenty trillion dollars in debt one of my favorite stats i love it very much so i signed it every now and then i went on my bomar calculator and did the math myself if i you one million dollars paid you one dollar a second peeling them off from a big tony montana like stack peeling them off on the table one two three i'd give you that million dollars in eleven and a half days if we wanted to pay down the national debt at the same rate of speed it would take more than six hundred and thirty thousand years all right so the time from jesus christ until now plus six six hundred and twenty eight thousand years that's the debt all right that's our national debt richer passing along to our beloved children on the next generation thanks for picking up the tab you're very generous but the left believes that that we should have an imbalance and we should come out on the losing end president trump doesn't believe that that's sucking the life blood remember when nafta came along that great sucking sound you hear of jobs going to mexico well it was true and it was false but we weren't the great beneficiaries of nafta and that was largely a republican project by the way and our trade imbalance with china he's addressing the trade imbalance with china which is going to be coming the giant economy on the planet the eu gangs up and now they're pushing back oh no we will not renegotiate diana before you and and president trump member when the the media got angry with him because he pointed out that our.

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