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As a gold medal winner in three or four disciplines her groom luis camacho is a six foot one hundred and eighty nine pound cornerback with a four point two forty time and thirty eight inch vertical leap who is now playing for the arena football league's washington valor after a career with the cfl so scotch juan rough riders and a brief stint with the nfl detroit lions who cut him as if they could do better i mean the waist which drafted by the lions after three years at oklahoma state where he probably should have stayed one more year and moved up to the first round which would have been more guaranteed money meanwhile the lions went four and twelve right after so it looks like they'll be missing the playoffs and the wedding we wish the couple love happiness and an injury free future in coaching once their playing careers have ended to athletes good married your next door to love condensed into one paragraph comes from helen hall from the palm beach post the bride a graduate of the face school and miss porter school graduated from georgetown university she is a member of the daughters of the colonial wars the society of the friends of saint george's and descendants of the knights of the garter and the metropolitan club in washington dc she descended from the french count guarini demeks and the english baron full case fits warren who was that magna carta they were the subjects of the famous thirteenth century manuscript the romance a full k fits warren she was presented to society at the infirmary ball an international debutante ball in new york city bachelors could tell in baltimore queen charlotte's ball in london and was chosen to represent the united states at the opera ball in vienna austria she is director of the spam museum in minnesota risky with deep roots in the gentry run to spam museum in minnesota your last story of someone announcing their impending matrimony comes from general james from the new york times rafferty m grant a direct descendant of robert l e a lulu gersh a new york socialite in errors to the luhrmann yoga pants empire are to be wed on may twenty six the couple met while engaging in a shared passion civil war reenactments it was love.

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