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President ray extra the new york terror attack jack callahan fox news president trump tweeting he's ordered homeland security to step up our already extreme vetting program in the wake of tuesday afternoon's attack in new york city the president saying being politically correct is fine but not for this eight people were killed one of ampara a rutted truck through a bicycle path and lower manhattan started around the doing three on the northern end of the soho neighborhood finished here in the shadow of world trade center after about a mile running into many people mowing over pedestrians and why civilised especially mangled bike c along that are guarded by pair there in the end eight people dead around twelve injured taken to different hospitals his shepard smith police joe fox news they found two notes written in arabic presumably by the suspect pledging loyalty to isis and paterson new jersey police have surrounded at a park would complex with the suspect is believed to have been living in se saic new jersey of vehicle thought to belong to the suspect spring scoured by the bomb squad in the parking lot of a home depot the driver of the truck shot by police as he waved what turned out to be fake guns twenty nine year old saw fool sidepadova reported as a twenty nine year old from pakistan in this country legally on a green card about that order for tougher vetting sean south carolina senator lindsey graham gels fox news would like the president is correct and i hope to enemy understands that under president trump there's a new way of doing business and let it start with this guy in new york senator graham blaming president obama for treating terrorism as a crime rather than an act of war police have shot had wounded a man of peres who held a teacher hough rich for six hours in an elementary school classroom in riverside california the 70yearold teacher was freed shake him but on horse there's no word yet on the hostagetakers condition nor what his motive may have been fox news ferid balance three.

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