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So they want to make it a service founding members, including Craig McCaw who runs clear wire a broadband provider that's been acquired in two thousand thirteen in small ran technology development, and international carrier Telephone cO, and is currently the CEO of Evernote Marnie. Walden was an executive vice president and president at Verizon where she managed global media and new business so experienced folks in the carrier game on this advisory board for sure all right? Let's talk a little bit more about search privacy. Patrick, well, Tom duck duck go which markets itself as protecting your privacy more than. Google, and that's not very hard. I have. Announced it will use apple maps to power local search results. So in case you didn't catch that it will now use apple maps apple allows developers use it's maps for free with a limit of two hundred fifty thousand map and twenty five thousand service goals. So one would expect that the duck duck duck. Go is being to exceed the limit though, no nouncement was made about that. Apple maps will replace open street maps for most things and being here and Google which were options for getting directions. Duck duck. Go says it will continue its bro active attractive of not passing IP addresses to map providers. It's for active policy if not passing IP addresses to my providers. Well, I pay everyone who needs rail direction snow'll. Really? No. I mean, I've apple maps is the were have you used it recently? Yeah. Okay. Use it in my car every day. Okay. So those of. You who might throw stones at Sarah lane. She's speaking from experience. It sounds like so it's really not that good still. Well, here's what I do. I put him address. I look it up on apple maps. And then I look it up on Google maps. And it's startling how different the directions are every single time. See I don't understand..

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