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Oh possibly the emperor june thomas is here. I just wanna it'd be clear felix that this is not a podcast. It's just a precursor to see if i might be open to podcasting perfect okay one of these days. I'm gonna teach you about off. The record means okay but june is is a is a poor knife def- who doesn't really understand the ways of the world <hes> you who brought in a piece of paper. What is your piece of paper. It is a printout of the poem when you lucy's by alfred lord tennyson which clearly is the key to all of succession. I'm so into this because when we're getting a little ahead of ourselves in this episode so but a certain point logan brings back frank and he gives me watch and on the back of the watch is a quotation from this poem. I believe it says some work of noble note may yet be done and of course i mean that immediately suggested to me ulysses by alfred lord tennyson is indeed a poem. It's kind of poem poem about <hes> a lion in winter and <hes> kind of raging against the light and getting one less deal before you get snuffed out. That's logan. I i did not realize that it was tennyson because there was all of that talk before he got invited back to the corporate retreat in hungarian schloss schloss of shakespeare something so i just assumed it was shakespeare line. I didn't know <hes> but it's not now and it's my my in depth research. You know google google and just before we came into the studio reveal that tennis naturally wrote this after a close friend died so it's about the end of life but it was written fifty years before tenison died so it's maybe a little bit premature but you know you go and franco's knew it. He likes he immediately recited. The following line is kind of like you know subtle flex this charming fuck that he is yeah. That's why he's been brought in again because he's going to trump goes pierces so session we start at the top and make our way to that beautiful. We're gonna make away at that point and we can. We can speculate about the real life equivalents of frank <hes> but yeah <hes> this is pretty much the the darkest cruelest. I episode of succession. I think i've ever seen yes. Oh yeah i mean the episode is called hunting and ostensibly. That's a reference to the retreat but really this episode is about logan hunting for snakes and rats and his house and finding those who betrayed him and it's the opening scene is greg june. Dan was alluding to sitting with the journalists saying you know we're not meeting. This is just a precursor to me. Dang i want to jump in here. Of course we're just going to be like quoting lines to hold on my think. My favorite line of the entire episode comes right to talk about greg says i'm a time pressed executive. Yes of of course he's very important and i think i think she reassures him. At some point she says i know you've been in many meetings many things but i feel like greg trek has this one line which sort of sets up the whole episode essentially when he he calls his uncle logan he calls him scary addictive paranoid and violent and basically that's what this episode is. That's what the big scene build stu godless. Is it foreshadowing. Maybe a little foreshadowing a little bit of foreshadowing hearing episode three. I don't think it's too self aggrandizing to hope. I might have some wisdom to part..

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