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To hear about. Jim is in Mississippi. Hey, Jim, good afternoon. Thank you. Good afternoon. I'm I have one, correct. All Tony bar. Mr.. Football, I'll believe you're misbehavior ball always had. Yeah, I bet. I know what you're going to say the window. What I'm going to say is, do you think, look, I know Alabama and Georgia gonna win the next two games. LSU's got Louisiana tech old. Myth. And auburn's got Arkansas. Southern Mississippi. If Mississippi State beats Kentucky and probably a one loss Florida team and Ohio State plan Penn State and Stanford playing Notre Dame. You think we could have five teams in the top ten, four from one to one won the west division possible at boy. I never thought about that. Four? No, I don't think so. I answer that quickly, but you know, Ohio State and Penn State. One of those two are going to lose next weekend. So there there's an, there's an opening as you mentioned and where lived at lose. Yeah. Stanford, you know, has Oregon this week and Notre Dame neck. So I think it's entirely possible. You're right? I was surprised now. I was surprised Auburn hung in there, but I guess. Does show del issues is is people are finally recognizing how good they are. Well, they're not gonna lose the next two week against opponents. Now have Mississippi's. Yeah, you've laid out or not. I have not thought about that scenario, but we'll we'll double check. I don't. I don't think he's ever happened to season by teams from one conference in the top ten. Unbelievable hard to believe that's ever happened before. Thank you, sir. Thank you. You are very follow. Well, thank you. John is up next, hey, John. How are you? I want to ask you a quick question about coaching, but I I wanted to see it's going to comment on the real controversy at Alabama renaming, the law school, but the what's out now renaming, the law school at Alabama. Tell me about it. I don't know. I haven't heard the, it's the Culverhouse school of law now, right? It's it's the son at the guy who who ran the camp on the temple eight bucks. And here's Dave. The night. I thought, no, hold on. I thought the Culverhouse go is the business school. That's what I heard today. If they renamed the law school. But I could be that's I just heard that today. I'm on campus, I should. Anyway, I haven't. If you've got, I only think of four active in coaches who won the national championship as a head coach. Am I missing anybody? It's saving, no, no. They're only four right now for active coaches JIMBO Dabo. Save an urban. Yeah, is I just feel like I'm famous for almost three hours earlier than there. I feel terrible. Yeah, yeah. Easy to forget right now. Why do you think that is? I don't remember when you off it being, you know that small of well hung up here guys. Well, yeah, here's why. Here's the answer to your question. You mentioned four people, but of those four people, two of those coaches. Our own nine national championships save has six urban has three. That's that's. That's enormous. Yeah, that is. It's just I just don't know who the other show on who's going to be the next breakthrough? No, you can ask out a million times, but as you think it'll be. If I'd the bet on one person, it would be Kirby smart. Good. My wife some big dog fan, so that would make a really happy. So I I call. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, I think if you look at it certainly. He would be my best bet. I'm sure we could find another one. Maybe James Franklin, he, he certainly had done a great job as well. Fred is up next, hey, Fred, good effort him. I'm doing great. Thanks a lot. I I under your big thing, sons of what you think about this simply Florida game. I think Chandler coming on strong from Jordan's look, really good little bit questionable. But then again, we are kind of young. I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on the Florida game. You know, I apologize as soon as you start answering that question. Some siren went behind me and I think I missed your question, but will you ask her about. Don't they know we're doing a show here. I'm curious about the party game. I thank fifty. Got a really good paint in Florida. I think we're young on the line Olympic report, good or defense candidate dating at the back a little bit questionable..

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