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Cents a share of the hour mind travel review sight working to become a hotel booking hub down after posting earnings in revenue that missed a must estimates but could upon flipped xm item sixteen sense a share well short of us average forecast for thirty one cents revenue of three hundred sixteen million and that miss projections a three hundred twenty seven million so the shares ouch down today so this is a name if you're shorting you're happy it's bright it's was a bad for one probably stocks a similar maybe they just need a hard doesn't everybody in this continue to hope everybody but stopping divided by definitely do damon industry give him a hug no to tie the phone call but i'm just going to go ahead and on the back so to build a bare work shop for those who is boss is the o's referred to as the chief president bearer commissioner impression on having and itself needs a hug start don't twin the one per cent today to take duffing out of a bare dicks like taken a stuff that can do the thumping kicked out of the there indeed more than a to read today's of the to come sales were squeezed ten point two percent north america seamstress ill son eight point three percent there is no love for building their and that was high flying stock heck with that was nearly twenty dollars a share just two years gano traded nine dollars and thirty five sent again down twenty one percent today if reporter a week earnings for the fourth quarter and live today players have a collection through my daughter schein like it okay someone no are some company they got a big old today and that is kicks page shares up when you're going to go one scherzer fourteen point seven percent at twenty two fifty six a share kicks bid which is attracted take over interest from rivals to just coach to michael corps surging after saying it sport is reviewing.

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