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Be shipped to center. Two runs are going to score land. Cincinnati Does it again. 3 to 1 red on a big banks hit by Castano's crew Jobs. Three. Afford a Cincinnati that includes Sunday's game by a final score of 3 to 1 not let taking away, though, from a great first half of the season. I think it's disappointing. I think if you sit back and you know, at the beginning of the season and say Hey, at all Star break, you were being first. Place. Nobody's gonna say no to that. Yeah, Obviously, we didn't make the gap bigger. But we're in first place and we're gonna focus on the second half when it gets here that is outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. The brew is going to be really well represented in this week's All Star game in Denver. Five Brewers making the trip to Colorado Woodruff Burns hater Peralta nor via US, Omar and Freddie added this injury replacements over this past weekend. And finally football. The quarterback back in the news, Aaron Rodgers, finishing 24th in the American Century Championship golf tournament in Lake Tahoe. This past weekend he did not publicly addressed whether or not he's going to report to training camp on the 27th. ESPN's dinner. Lasky has no problem with Roger's remaining mum on his future. I had a coach named Gary Kubiak, a well respected coach that would always say I'm not going to treat you all equal, but I'll treat you all fairly. Aaron Rodgers has earned the right to handle this exactly the way he wants to exactly the way he wants to because of his performance in the way he's represented the Green Bay Packers. Rogers did say at that golf tournament that he's going to get back to working out this week and quote figuring things out in a couple of weeks time Jean looping around to the Milwaukee Bucks coming up an extra points presented by all right home and remodeling in holiday automotive in about an hour's time at 7 45. I was just talking in the hallway out here in our studio at Radio City to Melanie Ricks about this Melanie, of course hosts. You know the Indian proceedings, their advice reform with Joe Brown as well. And we both kind of agreed the first quarter last night was a bit of a head. Scratcher not from the box, but from the fans. It took the fans a minute or two to get into the game. It kind of realize Oh my God, This is the NBA Finals, So I'll explain what I meant. And what that felt like being inside the arena last night and also maybe challenge Bucks fans to be in it from the jump come Wednesday inside adviser for him. That's coming up an extra points at 7 45 6 48 of WTMJ. A new event is coming this summer..

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