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Rely on ESPN radio and the ESPN APP the stars in the NBA are perhaps the biggest stars in the landscape of sports in North America and beyond in the man who joins us now takes care of some of the most valuable and talented and gifted gifted athletes on the planet. His name is rob mcclanahan. He's a trainer in his new book is net work to play on words kids network two words training the NBA's best and finding the keys to greatness rob. Thank you for joining us really appreciate it rob. You Played Ah Syracuse Syracuse twenty years ago. You're forty years old now. What led you into training yeah. I mean it's a valid question. It's a big reason reason I wrote this book -cause question every day why these guys trust you and sky for allowing walk on and I get it right. It's pretty valid question. I to get started. You know I used to work myself all the time in high school and rely on things like that but then when I really got Syracuse and saw you know Mike Hopkins is one of my mentors with a workout workout stuff and and just the way he would be working out Gaza Jason Hardy Todd Thomasson six. Am again sweating and bank and I really enjoyed it in and and it was I didn't even know you know develops. Kinda like that and then after I graduated I coach Seth Greenberg for yourself Florida and then I went onto Internet. IMG Academy with a bathroom cabinet was just starting every summer. 'cause I was a teacher in Rhode Island and I was amazing. You could actually work for a living Kinda the cool you know and I just assumed it was you know the NBA teams in the coaches were doing it but there wasn't in the office and sort of working out kids quite honestly just twelve year old four hundred kids in Rhode Island and kind of grew from there and I got ABC camp and all that stuff so it Kinda just just happened. I mean it wasn't really someone I looked up to and it was tablet for all because they didn't exist really when I was twenty four twenty four point five receivers rob mcclanahan trainer to the NBA stars among them Steph curry growth forward to his new book network training the NBA's best and finding the keys to greatness Kevin Durant Kevin Love Derrick Rose Russell Westbrook so you're dealing with some of the biggest stars in the game. Obviously you know what happens when you don't have time for somebody. WHO's not a big star. Do they take it personally yeah. It's only happened a few times because I've really tried to make time for even the non-stars 'cause you now. I've seen a Lotta guys that you know. We're also steph. Curry was all sorts for four years. You know now look at him so I always liked the the so called on the dog and I actually like just watching anybody better so you know my philosophy has always been your tree. Kevin Durant like retreat Julie Guy. You know it's the same workout relish no. It's just maybe Kevin Neal obviously better so yeah there. There's been times you know. There might be some hurt feelings. No I try to trust you know everyone to say really whether he's told me his old or Kevin durant honestly how much is the workout about specific things. Each each guy is trying to achieve and how much is just a a template were general success in basketball. Yeah I mean every every guys definitely in obviously different so I go into the mindset every year every off season. Let's you know let's add maybe the two things to the to your game name but also my philosophy is. Let's continue to work on your shrinks. I think a lot of players that especially young age they always work on their weaknesses weaknesses right and they're not really what they're good at and I think as you play up the Division One and then Mba you really have to figure out what you're good at the NBA. You really gotta be great at one thing really lasting. There'd be a so so with me you know Steph cards. You have example of you know just because he's a great shooter right doesn't mean you stop getting getting better at that right. You know let's go. Let's go fifty one percent. Maybe it's a fifty three percent so let's focus on what you're good at and continue to work on your cocoa weaknesses says but I think you can approve you know at the things are already been great for a long time but yeah there's definitely a temple. I think this day and age Jeremy I mean there's no more the big man drills. You know. You're not really doing a lot of that stuff anymore. Actually changed a lot since I started doing this. You know now few summers ago worked out Brooklyn Robin Lopez Awesome which I love your points you know what I did there pre-draft weight and it was everything in the post or the elbow the most you know so he and his team it's changed and that you know it's funny Brooklyn Robber and then we're twentieth now. They'll let's say thirty or something you know twelve during the league and we're working on threes broncos it goes in one of the best three years in the Milwaukee and he goes from making minimum two hundred fifty two million. It's up to you know so this day and age. It's definitely changed for the the players and therefore they may you know you have six nine point guards. You have six nine centers. You Know Jay my green played center it also I the data that a lot as well we're speaking with Rob mcclanahan the trainers the NBA's best players his new book is network training the NBA's best in finding the keys to to greatness and you're working these guys hard as everybody knows their health means so much not only themselves and their families please put the franchises basketball is a sport in which arguably single great talent can make the biggest difference make the biggest impact change everything with with that in mind. I mean it must be it must be nerve wracking at times when you see a guy hurt himself while you're working out where you know I it's every injury could have big consequences and you've got a you've got to You've got to manage that fine line between getting everything you want and not working a guy out too much where he could get himself for it. How do you manage that Yeah Yeah. Definitely I mean something I had really learned early on. you know like I definitely got better at it as as I continue to do this but you you know I got lucky early on my first major group was Rose Westbrook and K love and they're worked out to get every day and there's the hottest ever seen in my life so so one thing I had to do with them turned down and I've always said around the turn a guy down to turn them up but you know there were times. I had to say listen. I'm giving the weekend weekend off not because I'm lazy because I want to be able to go hard Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday next week so and I want your body recover and it's still you know June. Let's say you play you played eighty two games. He played maybe ninety games in the playoffs so everybody's different the way you approach it but you know the the days off. I always say is part of the train. That's that's actually part of the scheduling of days off and with me. I I go out. I'm very efficient now. It's not easy our but it's very efficient all game stuff some guys that Kevin Durant doesn't even want to water break so he might be done fifty minutes the It's it's an official worker. Everything's x-games stuff. There's no gimmicks you won't see me with fifteen years out there and ten cones and you know he's work has changed a little bit over time but I still stick the game stuff but a quick quick story about Russell. I gave them a Sunday off one time. He really wanted to work out on Sunday. I said we we can't go. You need a day off and going hard for three weeks. He goes all right. Yeah you're right. You're right so I got a call from a guy. UCLA said deploys okay working out my father. My God you know so so some guys you'd have said a compulsion for some guys it is we like people have have to run six miles every day ten k every day regardless because more about the mental benefits and the the endorphins that it is about the benefits from the workout physically yes. Yes definitely yeah that that's the kind of their drug. You know they need to have work out every day and you know Katie's. He's only greg sample. I mean this. This guy would do fly man all the time you know during the season workout in season and you know we did a Nike Torn Europe two years back and forth across Lona Paris Milan to Rome you think -cation sherlock but no I had to go to work every day and we we literally went every day so it wasn't like we got over there and like US chill out now but that's why they're great and you know I always say little few workouts. Change Your career no but if you add those up and sprinkling eliminate over the last ten years yeah those those really do add up and that's why listen that's why these plays a great. It's not it's not a coincidence. He's the man the the stars turn to to make them superstars. His name is Rob mcclanahan and his new book is network training the NBA's best and finding the keys to greatness rob. It's always a pleasure to hear Rhode Island accent on this show thank you for having joint base.

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