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Wasted was he when he did that very. Okay. You were in hospital two thousand fifteen early two thousand sixteen but then some memory issues still into later, two thousand sixteen of any memory of the death of rumba. Here's the thing, I remember about the death of Harambee was learning about later from you guys who were relentlessly making sure that people all knew about it. You reporting was second Unser, but it was crazy, too. Especially looking back now, you might want to recap Harambee just so you know what you're talking about. Well, it's the Cincinnati zoo and a parent, let their kid get down in the enclosure, who hasn't, so they had to take out Harambee. They had no choice and killed him. Right. Yes. So around bay, the ape was killed. Because child one around inside the gorilla cage, zoo direct. If you want to be up to date on this, I guess it would be okay to distribute today, the director Bain Maynard talked about how terrible it was what they had to do feels loss. There's no doubt about it. Thousand volunteers zoo have hundreds of thousands of people who are members of this, and of course, the entire community is very involved since. So it is a big loss that said, we are very glad that the little boy is okay. That, that is one happy thing in dangerous and bad story naturally. We did not take the shooting of Romney lightly, but that child's life was in danger and people who question that who are Monday morning quarterbacks or second-guessers. Don't understand that you can't take a risk with silverback gorilla. Okay. You couldn't. But I mean, there were protests going on outside, how could you do this? They asked Trump about he's like, you know, it was beautiful the way this huge gorillas taken care, this, baby. Well, it is true. But there's an update Craig found this today to the boy's mother did not face any criminal charges as prosecutors say it appeared he just scampered off and yes, around did become a social media sensation in the months following his death. There were calls to rename the Cincinnati Bengals in his honor. Oh, come on. And at his face from base. Probably all stuff. He showed up on a lot of presidential ballots during the two thousand sixteen election. It is by genuine said, it's no one wanted to see it. And it is a continued controversy over the circumstances that led to it. And of course, there's a lot of satire online social media stuff like that. The Harambee daycare center, I didn't find it funny at all, by the way. Did you see that today or did you make that up? Maybe seriously. It's all over social daycares p Harambee three years ago today. Yeah. You know, who would've loved two thousand nineteen Harambee? There's a picture of him. It just goes on and on and on. I remember they've brought out Jack. Hanna because they're like, man, if you listen to Jack Hanna, then you'll know that they did what they had to do for crying out loud. I jerked child and go through the water with it while doing that because. Face this animal about gorillas that is that something you don't wanna see this over guerrilla? Trust me, these animals, guerrilla, big silverback, like this one take a coconut coconut, green coconut takes a hatchet, open it up, like marshmallow. No, let's say you. She'll be your question. Everybody's asking. Why didn't they do that? What would you do if someone came to you have been the research is nobody did research on the doctors working on them when they were sudden they don't know the darts coming? You wouldn't know let's say the dark to hit you in the bottom. What would you do? Here he has a child his hand. He feels his bottom. What do you think would happen? You wouldn't want to see what would happen. So obviously decision zoo made was he always says, you have human life, and you have animal life? Everyone. Yes. But I mean they had the people out there man. And they were saying, you know, things like he was, you know, a four hundred pound person said.

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