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Safety in the effectiveness of the vaccines and today's action. I think it's clear evidence. If they're taking every step necessary to ensure the American people have clear and transparent information, Zain said. They hope that transparency will increase trust and avoid heightening any vaccine hesitancy. Hammer. Keith. NPR NEWS The Bite Administration plans to start pulling troops from Afghanistan this month of senior administration official says President Biden plans to formally announce tomorrow that the plan is to complete the military withdrawal by September 11th the 20th anniversary of the terror attacks that led to the war in Afghanistan. Bind is meanwhile, confronting Russian leader Vladimir Putin about Moscow's military build up in the Crimea and on Ukraine's borders. The White House's both leaders had a conversation today during which Biden proposed. Hold a summit to air out some of their biggest differences, including Russia's interference in U. S elections. Well, the U. S intelligence community is that with its worldwide threat assessment reported singles out four countries that it says posed the main national security challenges in the coming year. Their China, North Korea, Iran and Russia. In Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. The police officer who shot and killed 20 year old Dante, right as he tried to flee and arrest has resigned. NPR's Leila Fadel reports. The police chief also stepped down. Dante right, died from a single gunshot wound to the chest. Mayor Mike Elliott has taken command of the police after a vote by City Council at a press conference. Community members demanded that the officer be charged. In response, The mayor called on Minnesota Governor Tim Walz to appoint the state attorney general Keith Ellison, to take the case from the county. Alison is currently leading the prosecution against Derrick Show, Vin. He's the ex Minneapolis police officer accused of killing George Floyd. Community.

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