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This is Jesse so rarely auto parts story as a nurse not making it to work was not an option but driving to the snow with my wiper blades struggling I just didn't feel safe so I pulled into Reilly auto parts and before I knew it an employee was offering to install the wiper blades on my car I got to stay out of the snow for a moment and they still made it to work on time auto parts we don't follow we don't back down you don't need a hand in fact we'd rather we're proud to be depended on culture to be proud of where you came from you have to be going somewhere all new with the masks Sears Kim Jong Kristen bell from the good place once the folder and four year old daughter melting social media how long have you been singing one shell into the three on A. B. C. four in joint pet loss in use Leon Harris and storm team four chief meteorologist Doug Kammerer for news for it for bringing down the day's biggest stories and giving you a first look at your forecast working for you every afternoon on news Ford for introducing the one dollar concert the or get a real deal at McDonald's introducing the buy one get one for a dollar deal by one of your face and pick another for just an extra Buck choose from the big mac filet fish quarter pounder with cheese or ten piece chicken McNuggets but you better stop by McDonalds today because this deal is only around for limited.

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