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Society took over the Willard Straight Hall and all that setting ah SDS and all that so he could take pass. Fail was the good news so we took pass fail. That was another semester. Got Under my belt. AH CUT UP. I called my aunt said buffs. Dropping out I'm going to be I'm GonNa ah I'm going to try and be a musician. He went whatever he said. You did what you did your bum around Europe. I told you I wasn't going to tell you what to do you. Life is your own good luck. Good parenting fuck well. It looked like pretty bad for the first ten years as long as a parent could for your father for being like do what you want during the formative years before you performed clover. Did you have any interaction with any notable future singer. Songwriter like anyone one that it's good question. Let me think now really uh-huh why. Why did that take me so long? Running into springsteen during his days of bar banding. I didn't see that. Uh now I mean Butterfield was was a thing for me and then when I dropped out I went back to San Francisco and then I started going to the fillmore. I and seeing that stuff and seeing You know Aretha with King Curtis. Hi at the Fillmore Auditorium. Joe You there reportings well once once one night and eventually since then released all eight nights. It was unbelievable video of that online too. I did not. Yeah okay. Yeah that was unbelievable. You know fillmore holds about eight hundred people people Laura fillmore original film moratorium like eight hundred thousand people. Oh said the one that I play at his been expanded in this one over here or the one that was that was huge. Winterland right yes. Oh you're talking about feel more easy written original fillmore auditorium right in San Francisco Still Gig there but it only holds eight hundred thousand people. I I didn't know that in my mind I thought it was like three thousand us like that. Okay go there again. We just worked at. It's it's tiny little tiny realize it at Henrik's Rick's in this place. I hear cream places back here. It was unbelievable. Okay when did you consider yourself a harp player or vocalist. Or we're both at the same time or when did you switch from one to the other because you get a lot about being harpist mostly putting her toy did my busking thing and then I sang and tonight then I joined a band when when I when I joined clover I sang a song or two. You know but my voice rough as it is was not a seventies hairband. You Know Journey Boston. It wasn't happening so I was big. I and so I just played harmonica in the clover thing so vocal wise. Who did you read Charles question no hesitation SC? Got My questions. and Johnny Taylor Yeah I'm a Castillo Freak. So everybody knows Your connection to well clove accent connection to my aim is true They were the backing band on that album for those that don't know right right. Sorry so yes clover. Clover was was High I well. Clover was first discovered by Nick Lowe in La Right at Actually by It's kind the funny story because our clover had made a record before I joined them there was a kind of vintage Country Rock in fact clover had a record in the sixties. Were on the cover. That was John mcfee. Had hair down to it overalls on with hair down to his waist and and they're all standing there all headlong here and they're standing in front of six foot high marijuana plants. This was like sixty eight is Willie Nelson had a coat and tie on at this point certainly was an and the Dalai poured in Puerto Wagner. Show was on and Willie was on it and there was no and this was clover. They were really ahead of their time and So when I joined that band We we we labored for awhile. And then Jake Riviera who managed Elvis and at the time was helping out with a group called Dr Feelgood and feel good was a and he was gone. They asked Jake to road manage their trip to set to la they were going to play the CBS convention in La. And so and they brought Nick Lowe Along Guitar Rhody just for a free trip to assist giggles for a free trip to America. So is the doctor feel goods Jake and Niccolo. So we're playing the PALOMINO club in L. A.. Clover is it's a country club country Western club. We're playing the Palomino and in what these six guys in like grey suits and short hair. You know who are these guys and turn. It was nick and Jake's because they'd seen that we were there and they knew about clovers I record and they were big Klay left country rock. They thought they I thought country rock pub rock was going to be the next big thing so they signed us to phonograph records and and we came. We brought us over to England and we can do it from the British side from the Monday. Well the day we landed Johnny Rotten spit in the face of the enemy reporter and the game was on. We were in the wrong long base at the wrong time. But we did a lot of sessions and the band the cord. What he means punk rock has just start right right? Well listen yeah right and Country Rock was not necessarily going to happen right So then so they were starting stiff records. Starting to stiff records. Jacob Dave together they managed Elvis Costello and Niccolo. Graham Parker rat scabies the damned and then they created stiff records and unfortunately it already signed us so they stuck us. They've realized that we were kind of an American man so they got to produce records in in Wales and Muddling Vima Langer. All right. This is before he ever had hit as a staff producer at phonogram and he did. I make some amazing amount of records year. Mike six or seven records a year and you know city boy and all these acts that never happened. And until you know until Kinda move over here. What was what were his work? Cabins like brilliant. Still the same consistent Just said unbelievable work ethic and you know he's brilliant. I mean he's just that's all he does he he. He's of one mind he just loves you just lays in the studio man loves loves it. Okay so just to continue where you left off so you. Clover wasn't on stiff. They were on phonogram records. Did they move to Steph. They didn't and because of stiff there was no stiff when we first signed to phonogram right Jacobs simultaneously. When punk hit they started stiff records? They signed all all these bands and we were still on phone again. And then they yeah so then I guess they signed. Elvis found Elvis. Jake gave him his name. I think declan MacManus gave him Elvis Costello and they was his name previously declan MacManus. We've known him forever. Robert how come you did a record with the man. You didn't know what his real name was. I didn't know I thought so gets into the sir. I need to know things just this notorious thing with clover and my aim is true so my question really comes down to so how did how did clover get that Gig and I have a follow up question. Jake Signs Elvis Costello and then he got nick loaded produce. It and nick used used us not me not me not my singer out. Our singer called with the other four guys as a rhythm section for that that record and they cut that record path away from my name is Julius cutting really cutting and the studio was was literally the studio and Control Room. Were as big as this room right here. And we're in a small studio was like four thing with the board by twelve eight track. Your maybe maybe it was sixteen. I don't even know but but it was and they they cut that record in in fact. Here's a great story for it. Because the first thing they did was rehearse obviously for before they went into cut and we were we were living in a place called Nigel range and Siri down the rented a house. That same house led Zeppelin cut all them. Big Records and eh Mike Drums. The big so called Headley grange. So they when Elvis Rehearse we setup set up in the in the living room and Elvis came down took the train down and rehearsed with the band for some well. I went to London because her Monica player with them and when it came back that night we had dinner there and we all had dinner novices. Gone today. And everybody's kind of good good good and my keyboard player Sean Hopper went telling you what the this this guy's lyrics are unbelievable. He's really genius. And Sean Hopper was the first guy to know how great Elvis Costello was. I think even before jake and Dave and all these for the management was in Sean was was a fanatic. Okay so as you just said you were a singer and harmonica player I guess weren't needed. There's no harmonica on the on the record when they got ready to do it. Elvis said to me I got a couple of songs and you could play on if you want to. I say great. Yeah it seems like there's a couple that could have had in mind but he's but they were cutting this Louis Week and it was we they were. They had worked us like crazy the management. Because you know they make money so we were working out and And so I took the week off. I said it's okay but I went to Amsterdam was okay. My girlfriend flew over. And we we. We saw it as a vacation week for the other two of us so I didn't plan to record but you and you weren't at the sessions the one session briefly but no I guess maybe it was a mixed session. I don't think I can't remember Br. I recorded that studio a lot and with the band so I know what it was like okay. Ultimately the question was. I knew you weren't on. It's nothing to do with Elvis. You might have been one mic session. You're saying Oh yeah that's the piece of information to mind. Not Sure I was there and then of course we're the say management you know so we would bump they were happening and we. We went to a lot of Elvis's early shows when he played the Nashville pub. And all that stuff and I watch a send you know. And he's a wonderful guy in and smart as you. Can you imagine. And so jake by the way and so's Nick Lowe and those three guys were so smart it was. I have one more question about the Tom was clover upset that they didn't get the permanent Gig with him and that he got the attraction starting with the next album the next year. Now we we we we you know. There's that band thing. We thought we were going to make any minute. And just always thinking you're GonNa make it any minute. Failure never breaks up bands. Its success that breaks right that. Damn.

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