Text Messages, DOJ, Colmey discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


It now i as they sarah what else could you tell us that's it yeah and i think the important thing too is to remember that it's not just peter struck and lisa page this keeps coming back i mean this is what we have as far as the bulk of evidence that we're seeing from these text messages that were released uh by the inspector general in the doj but there were other people involved and just chairman good luck brought this up you know former fbi director colmey there should be a request tioning of combing because colmey testified that he didn't make a decision until after he interviewed hillary clinton but it appears that he was not being forthright in maybe even apparently lying i mean they would have to question him again because he made that decision wavy four if we look at the documents they were making changes we before the even interviewed hillary clinton so it appeared his decision was already made i would like to see him requests and i also think and i know andrew mccabe it's been interviewed a boot behind closed doors and end in front of congress but i would like to know what you andrew behaves a deputy director andrew mccabe israel role was in this because i mean the buck stops there the buck stops at colmey and andrew mccabe office so what we're seeing involved in what did they know i'm hearing all kinds of rumblings that they know a lot more than what's been out there in public so we need to have these answers because this is about an election this is about the american people this is about our our our scales of justice and this is about the fbi whose main role is to be objective and seek the facts and what we're seeing here appears to be a concerted effort by members within the fbi to two basic we change the results of a of of an election on is also i possibly even uh release you know of criminality and behaviour within the clinton's server investigation i mean there is a wide here and i think the american people really sean deserves some answers the biggest fear i have chairman good luck my last question to you is that yeah i think that this was all designed and and a phone the dossier bought and paid for by one candidate was designed to influence at election and that same dossier was.

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