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Wiler. If working with great quarterbacks as their criteria for coaching Sam darnold and who's better suited a takeover? The jets than Mike McCarthy and NFL networks in Rappaport. First to report the team is expected to interview this year's top free agent candidate McCarthy going with one twenty five seventy seven to nine and plus dine postseason during his thirteen years in Green Bay including that Super Bowl win over the Steelers. And speaking of Pittsburgh their star Tonio Brown reportedly blowing up last week quarterback Ben Rothlisberger. Which Big Ben denies earlier today on the fan in Pittsburgh on Thursday morning. After the Walker. Day. On Thursday morning. I talked and everything was great five. You've crawling multiple reports now conflicting about whether brand has asked the Steelers to trade him on the board there late third at the ball LSU with a thirty four twenty four on central Florida that twenty five game win streak is hanging in the balance. Fourth quarter Kentucky with the two thousand fourteen lead on Penn. State. Wildcats with seventeen unanswered in the third ad outback bowl earlier, Iowa with the twenty seven twenty two win over Mississippi State up next five fifteen the kick of the Rose Bowl Washington. Ohio State urban Meyer's final Buckeye game revived former nuggets bust Emmanuel Mounier returns to Denver tonight, but the point court questionable with a sprained ankle for the Knicks who've lost seven straight and twelve of their last thirteen college hoops later trying to put that late blown out of bounds. Call and Seton Hall comeback behind them sing John's tonight, welcoming number sixteen Marquette to carnesecca arena, and a reminder,.

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