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We spent a long Koffi Koffi if it was really emotional as well that was a big wave of emotional energy ram round. The I think couldn't have been predicted. Even though we all knew we wanted it. We were also excited about it. Those also that feeling of you've seen so many titles change hands. Like it was every title, basically. Most every title. So everyone was just so emotionally prepared for Kofi to Louis because it will set one, and you know, this change and that change in this change in the even the cruiserweight championship. I don't we're going to see any more title changes. And if we're gonna get Becky we won't get Becky an Kofi. And then we did. And I think I think people were still people so unto at Becky winning that they were prepared for Kofi not to win. And then when he did it would just knocked everyone over, and it was really like an amazing that was one of the amazing moments. That's right up there with Daniel. Bryan, Warner thirty it really was also the fin much even though that was pretty sure they played his music forever in and out. And everyone's doing the on which sounds dumb. But by then it's eleven o'clock and everyone's exhausted. So when you've been doing the arms like fifteen times by the time the women came out, I just need to sit down how did the helicopter bit play? It was fine. But it was too long. It's like, yeah. That's great. But we really need to wrap it off. It's new it's midnight. It was silly people were starting to get like we have to leave like how long is this going to go? We have to leave. And that was one thing I felt bad about when Becky won the second music hit everyone well versed people will wait did she win. So that was annoying because everyone had thought second of doubt. And then everyone said often chaired and go excited, and then everyone left I was like, no I want everyone to stand air and celebrate with her because this is historic and it wasn't a judgment or a comment on her win. Any everyone all night. Everyone was like I want to evacuate owns evacuation. All the people you've seen. I've seen the last few years that mania in bullet club shirts. They were all in the Manche Susha. It was same type of fan, which I'm not passing judgment. I'm saying there's a type of fan who comes to wrestlemania bullet club Chet for whatever personal reasons, they think is clever, but they were all wearing there were a few bullet club shits, but not. Many not nearly as many Kenny Cody young shots this year. They were all wearing Becky shirts, which was amazing to see. But yeah, that was just people were just ready to go people hat to go 'cause pin with seven days..

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