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Time now for our weekly conversation about ways to explore the washington region. It's called get out there. I'm joined by arts and culture reporter elliot williams and breaking news editor lori. Mccue welcome to the both of you. Hey everybody hey folks so it is back to school season. It is also a great time to join local. fitness classes. Craft workshops cooking demonstrations elliot. What are some options. We should know about if you want to try. Yoga now is the perfect time. There are plenty of outdoor classes for anyone who wants to stretch in some of this refreshing september air getting district flow. Yoga hosts classes at the wharf. Every tuesday thursday and sunday. And the i twenty five guests get a complimentary heart. Seltzer cantina bambina on thursday evenings to go along with the workout. Of course i've also seen other teachers offering outdoor classes one on sunday morning at the yards park and another on a beautiful terrace at the historic carlisle house in old town alexandria. I'm also still on my bike craze. Since i just started writing again. I recommend classes from the washington area bicyclist association. They've got classes for adults and children. The group's classes and community rights take place on multiple dates at parks throughout dc maryland and virginia and a session comes with the bike in the helmet for anyone who needs it so there are options for just about any writer. Okay that all sounds fun. Are there any more opportunities to get outside in this gorgeous weather. I'm thinking maybe gardening. I guess they went opportunity. That i am trying to take advantage of As we enter the fall season is just checking up more of our local gardens many of which offer classes. I'm thinking of one this weekend at the upshur community garden that's being held by slow food. Dc which is a local organization that promotes sustainable food. And this saturday. They're going to have a session with lots of experts on hand. Who will show you how to start and maintain your fall and winter garden since as we all know. We're headed into the season of like pumpkins and apples and autumn squash. And all that good stuff and you know for more experienced gardeners out there Maybe they are currently harvesting all of their summer peppers. There's cultivate the city which has a whole course this weekend. All about making hot sauce Understanding the flavor profile of different peppers for example Making your sauce shelf stable. And you'll even go home with a bottle of hot sauce and also if you make your own hot sauce. I would love to try some. What about arts and crafts elliot. What is out there for aspiring artisans. I have seen a number of classes that fall into this category. Actually shop made in. Dc is hosting a watercolor hand lettering workshop on saturday at their new georgetown location and interestingly a number of art classes involved drinking that i've seen there's a b. y. o. b. drunken doormat painting workshop at the sc workshop which is a diy events. Venue in prince george's county. That's happening tonight as well as saturday afternoon. And there's another byu ob event at the same location friday and sunday. This one is all about candle. Making lots look forward to this weekend and the diy space and the space. Okay that that all sounds cool guys. Let's look ahead to the weekend. Were generally laurie. What are you getting up to while adams morgan day is on sunday. Last year's event was virtual due to the pandemic but This year it's back. There's going to be some musical performances. And i hear there's a tour all about the neighborhoods history that i'm really excited to check out. There's drag queen story time a little mini book festival which sounds so cool and of course as you know my favorite thing in the world which is like a little shopping area with lots of vendors selling homemade goods so I know i'll be there this weekend. Elliot what about you. I'm not gonna lie. I'm pretty big into nineties. Classics and nine thirty clubs doing there. No scrubs nineties dance. Party on friday. If you're into salt and pepper biggie. The backstreet boys and the spice girls. Let's go dancing together this friday. That sounds great. Elliot williams is our arts and culture reporter. Laura mccue is our breaking news editor. You can find additional coverage of arts and culture on our website w. a. m. u. dot org and dot com elliott and laurie. Thanks thank you thanks. Everybody and thank you for joining us for. Consider this from npr. Listen again next time. And we'll make sense of the major stories happening in the washington region and elsewhere in your world. I'm john wilson..

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