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Man as a woman say goodbye to him and just sharing that conversation with a woman who was talking to the patient who couldn't speak after her you know J. saying how much they she loves him and that it was a pleasure to have him to have him in her life and you know it was just really just so much sadness in normal times Sir wouldn't even be witnessing this kind of private I think families would come into the room doctors and nurses would leave the second death is the same shift they're in others and pod for gathered outside the room of a man who is dying alone with the man's son was on speaker phone so that you know that was hard probably less than an hour after that says the other patient the man with the iPad a couple family members were supposed to be there when he died but things went wrong the family told the hospital take his ventilator tube out it will be there to say goodbye at seven thirty three so not long before seven thirty there was in the room Zacks debated ten this man starts dying much faster than normal in his family is not there yet so so I was waiting for them to come but why all while we were I was waiting for them to come I was making him comfortable and and I stayed with him while he died well before his family came to sell and he ended up passing right before his family came I can't stress enough how different this is from Sarah's normal job being alone with the dying patient since Kobe it's common for nurses though in hospitals everywhere with this man share stood by herself and held his hand instructors had she told me did a good job she stared through the window hoping desperately that his family would appear and then I came home and you'd appreciate this because your kids and I thought I was okay and I'd come home my kids are normally sweet oranges peaked in the room that they were and and they both we're looking like they were sleeping I was just kind of looking at them crying and then they were both shocked and my son was like are you satisfied then I start bawling my eyes out I don't think you understand and he and.

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