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Rob Lowe, Murphy, Paul discussed on Murph and Mac


Doing you doing now rest in peace you know so you're al Davis is so legendary I need it I try to provoke it by doing you doing L. I'm hoping this doesn't spin off into one of those two so keep it coming a lot of people right now and and a lot of people you know they have their opinions on my forty something I wrote your woody sucks actually just wrote back to him right now probably actually I think it's pretty good it is I support you know what I got a fit Nagpal through senior one fifteen here for rob Lowe and another fist in the air from a Murphy one what he showed up to seven or seven who sent me the exact the album he's expert what Paul you got to see the you got to see the album to him on the cover is amazing late night club years let me look at some very just because you just look at what he on the nightclub years nineteen sixty four to sixty six.

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