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Poll through on this piece of land. Yeah that's what you're gonna come up against is the regulators are not likely going to be happy with this proposal and you'll have to bribe them or whatever if it's ever going to happen legally which is another question as to whether or not you care about that sort of thing but if you do then it will likely be a fight. I suspect well. I'm hoping that we can get some support from the cheshire counting shooting sports education foundation because they're directly across the road and they might like having people who are sympathetic to shooting sports. They might nearby. That's a good. Yeah yeah especially in in cheshire county. I think it's a fantastic idea. As a matter of fact this comes to fruition. I think i might. Well be among your first residents there our suming near you wanna have me. I think it's a fantastic idea. I love it. So what are the next step for you on this jim. Well i have to say first of all yes we would. we would love to have you as a resident. I mean i mean goodness who wouldn't you are. So what seems like an irresistible opportunity. And we have you like the spokes model. You could stand out on the street and say come one. Come all you know. See how it is to live in in the valiant way movie. Yeah that's cool and you are right next to a main main thoroughfare which is route nine and so it wouldn't surprise me if there was some fiber internet connectivity. That would be in the area there. I suspect so it's not too far away from from civilization so to speak in that case. So what's the next step on this. Jim well the next step as always is to put the details of the business plan together and that follow who called in before my swatting is our engineer. He's our chief engineer and so now that..

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