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Lamar Jackson, Hallelujah Graham, Holly Grill discussed on Speak For Yourself with Cowherd & Whitlock


Lost you guys because we had never seen a Hallelujah Graham before a Hologram Lamar's Holly Grill. I know what he's like an inner city kid with a fancy. I told me one time I was six years old. She told me she'd go into my Daddy. Oh Man. They're seventy nearly as disappointed disowned. She told me bar base. He told me he's going to have a menagerie. The former birthday pad me. I'm in bed. I'm waiting room. He had awesome scantly. Lingering has pass some SAM had a cart. And I'm like Oh this going damn see. pull up CARTMAN got meat loaf. Gumbo roscoe's it was delicious exist expecting see this is my point. Yeah Ah that's the lesson. y'All something's just too good to be true Jackson here you're not buying Let me get to my approval rating. Who for Lamar Jackson can't change the job? Performance remains at twenty five jumped him up three more points pointing all time greatness in anticipation of him winning. MVP S showed up to his post game in his football uniform. Jumping up a point authenticity. ooh All football gold status dam and and is uniform. Hurry up and get a new contract. And he just gear Look Ninety five I I love to do too much been been driving this train and America. What's going on? Yeah the raise this year this year. This is crazy L. C._A. percent all-star rather than go with you it is..

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Lamar Jackson, Hallelujah Graham, Holly Grill discussed on Speak For Yourself with Cowherd & Whitlock

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