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Gene the grabbing break five all those crazy trump's we get in trouble in the news with Gene Grad well the laws fearless angels could be fined up to two million dollars for not reporting Tyler Skaggs opioid use a report published by ESPN on Saturday stated that Angels Communication director Eric K. admitted to federal investigators that he used and supplied skaggs with drugs since at least twenty seventeen special k yeah central real name for Ketamine has told federal investigators that at least two other angel employees knew of skaggs drug use team officials is to report to the Commissioner's office any knowledge of players using drugs the commissioner could find the team two million for a failure to report and could ban any employee for life in a statement issued Saturday angels denied any knowledge of Skaggs drug use confusing just he knew yep sure yeah well when twenty six and a half year old guys is kind of dying their hotel rooms usually drug drug use I I had a funny thought which is a was laughing about I don't know who is Dr drew about like one and five colleges statistically woman's going to be sexually all thin and it was sort of like okay so why everyone saving for college if if that's the tickets is true and then drew inform me it's now one in four Oh Yeah so you've actually Phoenix online by I then heard that US USC is one in three one in three women at USC they're higher oh shocking yeah actually yeah there was Berkeley USC and somewhere else in California's very aggressive schools yes I was now keep in mind it's because we've changed the definition of sexual assaults not that there's more of this is that we're calling it something other collecting this but then I thought Laurie Lachlan's or going to prison and felicity Huffman's in jail to save up there's kid is over rate factory so maybe there's not as much of it as their reporting I don't know that to be True weird that they're people are waiting in line and paying people five hundred thousand dollars to send their daughters to go get assaulted yeah General Motors and the United Auto Workers Union have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract putting an end to a month-long strike that affected almost fifty thousand workers. the workers walked off the job on September sixteenth after their four year contract expired without a new one employees workers demanded higher wages more affordable healthcare Asharq prophets job security details of the new deal have not been revealed to anyone but a union spokesperson says it represents major gains for U. A. W. Workers this strike was called would you like to guess how much this was called Oh God a day well couple couple things think about worse Malik Automation Automation admission when you'RE A fabricator you're welder and you really can handle Lemaigre teague or whatever it is a lot of skill that a skill there and hard to be replaced by a scab or or whomever now oh you think about an automotive worker these days kind of a little bit like Aliens Piloting robots working robot much more replaceable than the guy who was building the engine ends by hand in the forties in the fifties that's super high machinists skill level working laid down two millimeters or ten millimeters so it seems like even the people that are working in the factories are kind of replaceable now because they're keeping you work there there babysitting a lot of technology and I know it's more than that but I mean as we keep going not only do we not need the well there but the guy who's watching the welding machine could be replaced too pretty easily but for today emerging money without these can't even imagine four hundred million a day this report says I'm so much stock it's crazy it's also kind of weird that people are still just were just stamping out steal cars and roll them down assembly line and it really crazy sensually it's an internal combustion engine gas goes in and if there's a spark plug and there's a piston rod thessaly got Bluetooth now but it's the same it's the same technology now the model t so remember what I told you what he's talking about major game gaines goes the military so remember when I told you that Eddie van Halen as theory about how he got cancer yeah the metal carpet and we're all that's Dr Van Halen spoken and that's that well a doctor is refuting that I don't know if you're surprised to hear it that he developed cancer after keeping that guitar pick in his mouth during shows the guitarist was treated as I said for tongue cancer in two thousand third of his tongue was removed he was declared cancer free in two thousand and two but he's still going back and forth it seems to Germany for radiation in two thousand fifteen in an interview with billboard Van Halen revealed that he'd given up smoking cigarettes but he does blame the guitar picks so Dr Tom mickle right the medical officer at the British medical consultation service called push doctor he hold insider that Van Halen's health issues we're likely not caused by Guitar Pec in an interview published Monday he said he cited the fact that neither copper nor the IOS found in brass are considered carcinogenic in any way oh maybe it was that Makita cordless drill yeah a good song about that video it's like he just took a nine point six zero pound cake I took like the first Chen Cordless drill Makita made the first ones and they like wrapped it up tape and then just like painted silver something then pulled the tape off but This young carpenter and Rocker I I knew what I was looking at yeah he was taken this cordless drill to his electric guitar I well we've talked about it before but it's it's weird that it's sad that so many talented people have to be head cases as well food wanted to work together like one they just semi so burn one due dates and I think that's the that's the problem with a lot of our cystic people a lot of artistic successful people think if they get help they won't be them anymore they won't be the person that got them famous which in a lot of ways is ridiculous but it's hard to let go of that idea if I get on the right meds or if I stopped drinking I won't be fun I won't be creative I won't be funny well think about how much recording concert live layers tours through Lee being healthy you know keeping after himself and whatever just cost cranking it out Max van I don't know if Bruce must be plain Kimmel's or something I think Kimmel's going to New York and Bruce's going there that we now I know Kimmel's I don't know if that's the way Kimmel's in Brooklyn but I know he's going to Brooklyn in the next week or so so I think Kimmel's going to Brooklyn Oh and Bruce is going to be there and Italian Lynette are going to see Bruce I'm a little behind 'cause Kelly Ripa Bernie Sanders Elliott Camper John Krasinski and then David Byrne the National Paul Shaffer sugarhill outlaw it's not range locked and loaded I'll have to tell them Italian David Burns going to be there so huge sues so we at that going for us but imagine think about I mean let's think about of Brusett od thirty one just think about all the product and about when's the last time he saw Eddie van Halen up on stage doing his thing or whatever I I really I don't keep track of everybody but wears think about if you'RE committed to.

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