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Yeah. Always something. Yeah. So if you had an idea it didn't have to be a good idea about sports. You know, what I mean, which has been my entire career was just like, you have ideas. But at the have to have a sports peg with is places like we did early on. We did thing called the Super Bowl where we just sort of bracket about soups. Right. I mean, it's dumb idea. It's a pun joke. But like you can't necessarily like walk into sports nation in the morning and be like we're doing the Super Bowl today guys. And they're like, okay. Let's talk about Brett farve or whether or not he's gonna retire because you know, and it And was. it was great. So so you're loving doing it you're producing. Audio and video content for them. You produced the grantland basketball. Our and grantland features. You got a whole bunch of awards for that. Right. I mean nominations and national magazine award nominations etcetera. So tell me about creating grantland features and how big of a step up or maybe it wasn't. But was that a big step up for you in terms of your role and also the kind of the seriousness of the content that you were tasked with lows we had a studio. One of the first things we do is build a studio with very proud of. It's it's sort of like a format that he is still use the Kobe still uses which is like. A two person one person control room. That's adjacent to a studio where this robot cameras and the inside. So there's not like it's like, you're working on a big show where there's there's stage managers and cameraman publicist and producers and researchers and like it's feels like, hey, we're this whole team of one hundred people working in the show where it's like just like the two people in the room. You know, what I mean, it feels a lot more like doing this podcast and doing a big TV show, and we would produce a lot of content from that studio, but that's really just two people in a room talking, and it's like YouTube, and we're putting out like sixty minute clips, you know, what I mean? So it's not necessarily super snack -able Internet-friendly stuff. So what we decided to do after time when we start growing and YouTube to deal with us that was a two year deal, which really kind of like launched us because all of a sudden, you know, seven figure deal an annual budget. All right. We can do things. So we'd started making essentially like documentaries are short features or even just dump stuff going on the road with Bill and doing things. So that we started to vary. Our content a lot more animated. Stuff. So it was like a again like it really just felt like we could do anything we wanted. Which is unlike anything else I've had in my career, and it we certainly started. You know, couldn't do it by myself at get some freelance editors and get some people in and get some kick a couple of headcount, and it just kind of grew pretty quickly. And it was you know, some of the stuff twenty thousand people watched some stuff two million people lost. And you know, how that works for sure you just keep going. So you're doing all the producing and editing and not adding produced at this point. It was like it was like a team you You've got. got people working on all these grant land projects and the son of the Congo. Was that through grantland? Yes. That was one of the features. That was a I got an Email bronchitis. Geordie Georgie villa? And he's a k of represents heard you back. I wanted to something that you guys like you guys come to Africa with us. And I didn't really think it was a real person. You know, what I'm very skeptical. When people read dousing me, even say nice things, I'm just like listening. Are you deadspin? So I had to like I did some recon on him, which means like ten seconds..

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