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Critical possessions is trying to fight back and get it near 10 going into halftime to corner threes and air ball, miss any time of the other and LeBron's on the free throw line, not only the air ball in the mist, but that's three fouls on Austin rivers. So three rockets with three fouls and LeBron short on the first free throw and Mike D'Antoni's bringing Ben McLemore again Rivers on the bench with three fouls. 45 seconds to go in the second quarter. James got to bring it up. Even if they double him. He's got to make the initial past. They can't just settle for one passing game splits the free throws LeBron with 17 Lakerslead backto 14 60 to 46 40 seconds left in the half James against LeBron James takes and deep left handed layup is in good adjustment right there, Mike. Antoni 30 seconds left in the half. LeBron will dribble on top will be met by Jeff Greene that 11 seconds different on the half time clock in the shot clock. Stopping a score would be beautiful for the Rockets. Here we go. Jeff Greene trying to get to stop against LeBron James, who drives hard to the basket and lays it in. 15 seconds to go in. The half didn't get to stop. They better get to score one for team shot clock off for James Harden and the Rockets here before halftime With seven seconds. He's at the three point line dribbles underneath the basket with four with three in the corner. McLemore hits the triple from the left corner with 30.7 inbound. Caruso is going away to catch it catches and launches from 50. It's the top of the backboard Lakers put up 62 points. Have nine threes in the half Rockets somehow, only down 11. Both coaches were gonna have things to talk about with their team. The Lakers, clearly relaxed, let used to make a run to Houston's credit wasn't liking their chances of the five minute mark. The first quarter. They've showed some resiliency. They need to play a more consistent 24 minutes in the second half update your 50 40 90 the Lakers in the first half shot 62. 50 91. Wow, That's a pretty good first half led by LeBron James 19.6 boards five assists at the break in Game five. Lakers 62 on the Rockets 51. Let's send it to Kevin winner in.

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