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Liquid to last at least a week since Massachusetts now has a four month ban on vaping products but it's an exercise in frustration Salada miles on my car yes I guess Charles stone I would say marble had and no words store manager Ali Sheik taking off some of the Massachusetts communities customers are coming from enough to boost his sales at least thirty percent the temporary ban in Massachusetts is being challenged in state and federal courts restrictions on the scooter use in Salem riding a scooter is now banned in the area of downtown Salem during weekends through October that's because this is the height of the which cities Halloween tourism season and the crowds just keep getting larger and larger police chief Mary Butler doesn't want to see any mishaps or accidents involving scooters and pedestrians she says people can still riding scooters in the city and just get off and walk them through the nose scooting zone we know that people use them for commuting purposes we know that Salem state gets you some in between campuses and as a means to get into the downtown so that are getting very close to the downtown before it gets too congested at which point they can stop there right and then walked the rest of the way through the entire month of October the speed limit for east scooters husband dropped to five miles an hour Kim Tunnicliffe WBZ Boston's newsradio an arrest in the shooting and Roslindale in July that killed Daniel vole Boston Anderson logo of Norwood is due in court today facing a murder charge dot Huff WBZ Boston's news radio Hey what was going on is Romeo T..

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