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Time to find ways to move more. With this medical minute, I'm Justin Finch. For what it's worth, I'm Mark remount, some desperate moments for a mom and a couple of Kansas City cops. Come on, sweetie. Come on. That from the body cameras worn by officers Charles Owen and Richard duchesne after getting a call about a baby who wasn't breathing. Turn it up, hit the back. Turn. Come on, sweetie. Officers relying on their training. Come on. I can hear a little harder. Come on. And one month old kamaya responding after a few seconds. She's breathing now. She is breathing. Officer Duchenne, saying, afterward. We always have that fear in the back of our head that is what we're doing enough. Is it going to be enough to bring her back? Obviously, once we were able to bring her back, that was a huge sigh of relief. A little girl taken to a nearby hospital and diagnosed with RSV, the respiratory illness that stretched pediatric hospitals across the country to the limit, kamiya's mom, calling the cops heroes, but officer Owen says we don't feel like heroes, we just feel like we did something good. For what it's worth, Mark remould, ABC News. News radio traffic from the dubin law group traffic center. Until November 18th, both directions of western river road incarnation will be closed from 19th to told hill road traffic will detour through two O two, in Seattle, the two left lanes on I 5 south from Dearborn and Colombian way are closed until 5 a.m., this is for construction. Four or 5 south south center, there's an accident north of west valley highway blocking off the left lane traffic here is light and no delays traveling on south one 67 going from 18 to 5 12 will take 8 minutes. Our next oldest traffic and I know four. The news radio 1000 FM 97 7 four kilo conditions will be the rule in western Washington

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