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Tuition and help other people abc's mary bruce for bruce reporting from capitol hill tells us what's next democrats are urging republicans to slow down and wait until the new democratic senator from alabama doug jones is sworn in but the pressure is on for republicans to pass this before the gop loses that alabama vote demonstrators say the plan will primarily benefit the rich kentucky republican representative dead johnson who was under investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting a 17yearold girl as committed suicide at a news conference tuesday night johnson denied he was under investigation i'm never had a fully hoffman please funds saying there was the investigation going uh or anything of safe johnson reportedly jumped off a bridge wednesday evening he posted along message on this facebook page denying the accusations firefighters in california say the thomas fires now thirty percent contained but still burning through the mountains in santa barbara county ron richardson says he was nervous about the approaching flames that scary very scary my brothers over on cody road and i'm actually more concerned for him there summerlin firefighters took advantage of calm winds to set a controlled fire before the wildfire it could reach it you're listening to abc news koa newsradio time is 102 some light snow is falling in our area we are closely watching the precept total dia to see if we can end the streak of sixty six days without measurable snow at this point i will probably have every inch half of an inch of snow at the airport national weather service's lisa create them in about one to two inches of snow is forecast for the metro area with a higher amounts in the western and southern suburbs the high country will also get a good helping us now we're expecting anywhere from kudo about pick and choose uh with the fix kind of being more on the higher higher peak and generally a round or south of i seventy as those should be done by mid morning that it's a little cloudy with all this free said but the gemena meteors showers going on now in over the next few days so this is a pretty good meteor shower uh mice second or third favorite see you bolder fiske planetary ends doug dunkin' says the best viewing his away from city lights for every one bright enough to see for denver fort collins or something you probably see thirty if you're.

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