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Six six five zero JIMBO with the former mayor of Shiloh, Israel, David Ruben man, who can speak first hand of the effectiveness of walls in particular, the two instances he gave of the two walls that have been built in Israel. David is the author of the new book Trump and the Jews about which more in our discussion. But right now some calls starting with Sharon in crane, Missouri. Hello, Sharon and good evening. Welcome. And Hello, Mr. Rubin. First of all, I am a great admirers of your country and a very strong supporter of Israel. You know, work from Hadrian's wall to the great wall of China, Hungary, just recently built a wall that Berlin Wall, the walls that you're talking about in your country, but we have two segments and our population in this country. Shop here on my segments. But there are two one is not one a wall because there's purely political purposes they are looking at the future, and they want more people will be voting for their particular party line and the other segment of the population. They are. So an educated they don't even know what the holocaust was or what we thought World War Two four because it's not being taught anymore, and until we can overcome both of those. I don't know we're in for a long hard haul that I want that wall bilk. Thank you. Thank you share. Appreciate that your your response. David. Matters educating people. Yes. Yes. I understand the political motives of the Democrats. But I also don't don't think that it's so necessarily, right? Yeah. They're there. Once people are in this country. If they are they are legitimate, honest hardworking people, and you know, I wrote my both Trump and the Jews about the Jewish population that came to America in the early part of the twentieth century, they will work hard as hard as they could. When when there was poverty, and they did come and poverty from Europe from Europe. And they came in poverty. There was a lot of discrimination against Jews back in the nineteen twenties thirties, but the response to discrimination and the poverty wasn't days of rage. The response was to work as hard as they could to get ahead. And that's what happened with the Jewish community in the United States. So. Yeah. I think I think that people who come here is truly coming here to work hard. And if they're illegal immigrants as those Jewish immigrants work. They're they're going to appreciate that through hard work. They can get ahead. And and that's the values of the Republican party these days more than Democrats. Unfortunately, sadly, yes. Yeah. So so I I sure thing that they would go for Democrats. But that's certainly the the motivation, or at least part of the motivation of the Democrats in opposing the wall. The call from Jerry and Williams Iowa on the Jim Bohannon show and the Jerry good evening and good to have you with us. Dini gentlemen. I'm an evangelical Christian here in political. I well, we have a lot of presidential candidates come through. And I'd like to say, God bless, Israel and Jews everywhere in David. I would like to ask you, do you? I know you're a bit of a student of the United States. Do you see any parallels between Israel and the United States in regard to any orchestrated efforts to change the very culture of the nations? Do you see any? Parallels in that regard. Where's that just conspiracy theory parallels? Yes. The there are parallels. There. There's a. For instance. There's this wrong LBJ Tepes you movement in Israel that is trying to change the society and just as it's doing here to try to work against the traditional family. So there there is. And there are those on the far left other than that particular movement. But but Israel is a country that is actually moving in the opposite direction socially. The traditional family is becoming stronger people having more children in recent years and the country is becoming more connected to God's more connected. So that that's something that. Unfortunately for America seems to be going the opposite direction here in America. And I am an American now on a speaking tour. So unfortunately, America seems to be moving more towards secularism. Israel's seems to be moving in the opposite direction more towards tradition. Something that I think we need to keep in mind. We've been speaking about stopping terrorists in the case of wall principally stopping illegal immigrants who may have had economic Greece's as their main motivation in the other instance, but none of this is to say that Israel has not had any number of people enter into its land legally. This is not an effort to stop all immigration. It is an effort to determine who gets in. How many for how long and for what reasons? Oh, absolutely. Merit-based immigration is is what every country wants. Israel has benefited. Through this the Jewish state, and it does have the special precedence for Jewish immigrants. But but also merit-based immigration. You know, we we want people who go to contribute to their country. You know, John F Kennedy? Used to say, you know, we we want people who contribute to that country. Not not said, well, what's what is the country? You're gonna give me and unfortunately, there's a big part of the American population at least on the left that that is opposed to that that has lost. That's that old work ethic that that made America great country that it is. It is. A sad. Fact, we'll come back, and we'll talk some more with our guest again, David Ruben, he's the former mayor of Shiloh Israel. He is the founder and president of Shiloh Israel children's fund the author of the book Trump and the Jews more about which just a second. Are there are a couple of websites that might be of interest a David Ruben, Israel dot com. That's DAV ID. Are you be? I am I s R E L, David Rubin whose dot com and also Shiloh Israel, children dot org. Shiloh Israel, children dot org. And we'll talk some more about the notion of walls their proper place their effectiveness, and yes, this has been brought up their morality as well. One. Eight six six five zero JIMBO is our number one eight six six five zero five four six two six on the Bohannon show as we look at the three week period of grace that congress has to work out some kind of an arrangement regarding a border wall. Maybe back in a moment. Breaking while others.

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