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These days dies. Well, what was up with you in and Justin Willis that the way it seemed like something happened backstage and then tie called him out afterwards. That's the first time in. Oh, my that. I've been try to bully me. It's kinda funny 'cause they not it's the hood that this can wait till Sunday. I'm not gonna get into the case. This did I get paid to do do this nothing that Gloria I'm here for hit to get paid. And you should look at it differently. I mean, it's kinda root of him to be like that. It has how it is. And that's the way he does things. He wanted to fight. Sorry. I mean early shit five, but he's still. The. Parts. My Allatson trying to get the top end. So others. With. I think that today's gangsters that do that for a head. This is Las last. Saturday. So I feel like that. That is what is that's the way. Let's said he tried to fight you back there. No. Well, like, I said at all as of combustible try to date me as dude this Chilver. Let me sucks you gotta get jumped at the back and all the people have here. Yeah. I love. Sunday. Did I loved your entrance? Was that your idea? You have cost always watch trying to get out. Fifty man how come with all the boys? I've since it was my last one, but I was enough. So I appreciate you see that. That was good. I love that just sharing couch and. Especially the fighting on time soda as always. It's great. And so you still do wanna fight again, though. Right. Like that. That is still your plan. Yeah. I just it's just being, you know, been it's been I don't know what it is a lot. I've been seeing a sports psychologist about my. Different things about competing on UC ban on it. But I thought it was sorted out. I guess thought maybe it's this fighting in general that is Tom job. But I still feel like is this I feel like the news has been off, my nickname. You know, Yukon. Got. What about you? This like things in God and compete when you when you when you fly team where you go flat. And you have a train you could hot for them. 'cause you 'cause you love them you love what you do. But it has to be like this before wall just just being honesty. Sure. I I it sort of comes across in your performances a little bit. And I feel like the fans have noticed that as well. And that's why I was asking at the beginning. If there was a lack of motivation because you just didn't wanna be there. You were unhappy. The camp was while trying to talk multi everything was really good. I just. And I just let us it all went to the one. I just. I don't have added. Just maybe it is talk dry just feel like. For me. I just think it's the banner I represent on dodges. I'm glad that I'm not under the. Under the heaven to do. Now can going to a mine terms and not be held down get mile. I mean, I've been. Pretty good ploy by trying to get things. Liberal for a lot of things with the fighting in in this reducing this company down. I'm looking forward to try get in my fighting spirit numb getting back in there. Again. I just I still feel like fighting. I just feel like fighting this van of have any promoters reach out to yet. Yeah. Couple ready. Yeah. I got a couple of radio. Boxing. Gotta see things on on the pipelines. But you know, it's just talk. Way better money, of course. But just told get them boxing. I don't know. I was just talk it on. I like I said, I'm just the last. So he fights full fights being not being me. And I get that five to getting the winning circle. It's maybe it is time to the game such a long time. I just love what I do. I mean, I'm forty four. And I wasn't my best performance on on the weekend or yesterday. Up to that. It was pretty ship ship shit serve. Our for us to be honest. Look like Derek Lois in the through. I love you and Tyson and tie together like your brotherhood. What was it like afterwards? It was a tough night..

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