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He makes his twenty twenty. Debut Against Francisco Fonseca not a difficult opponent for him. I wouldn't think but it presumably sets up a fight with Helena Torres who's fighting as the CO main on that card. That could happen as early as the summertime. This is an interesting year for Ryan Garcia. Because look he's got all the tools he's got the looks. He's got the backing behind him with Eddie Renault so team. He's got certainly money behind him as well. He's got enormous popularity with the INSTAGRAM followers. Your impressions do you think. Ryan Garcia has the goods the boxing accurate to be a big time star. I do I think he does. I think Francisco Fund second is definitely the best opponent of his career. So far It's a great measuring stick. Fight and and and Ryan has spoken about that because fun second is a guy who has faced elite guys the only two losses in seconds career was against Davis in a junior lightweight. World title. Fight where Davis did not make the way but can still wanted but he didn't and his only other loss You know came in another fight against Davis obviously is pretty big name but his only other loss was a decision that was a little bit competitive against having farm. That took place a a little over a year ago. You know who was at the time considered you know the best or the second best guy in that division. So Ryan Garcia has made the point leading up to his fight on Friday that you can now take my performance against one second and compare it against guys like farmer and a tank Davis because he says that he would like to fight Dramatic Davis this year. Now we know the the the issues that are there in terms of making that kind of match but the point is he's very confident he's got a lot of ability. I've been Orion Garcia supporter for a few years. I I you know. I picked them at the prospect of the year. In two thousand seventeen It's now time for him to show that he can actually Take that step from prospect to serious bonafide contender. I do think he has the skills I do. Think he has the desire because he wants to prove people wrong. He's tired of being called pretty face. Oh you're just a guy with a big following on social media You know he made the the step by leaving his training team to go with a more professional camp with Eddie Renault so in that in that camp added that has rubbed off on him. I think Being around Kamilo and how hard he works and the people in that gym so His his possibly becoming a star is certainly not going to be for the lack of effort and for The team that he has placed around him. It's it's up to Ryan to do it but you know I think I think he can and I think we're GONNA see a great performance for him on Friday and the pretty face. Scr criticism doesn't really stand up to scrutiny. Because in addition to what he's done is a prob- I mean this guy was a fifteen time amateur champion like a national gold medal champion. He had allied down his bio. He's got a ton of accolades he fought. Well Against Evan haning the amateur ranks they say they. They split their matchups against each other. So You know like he's got the backing the background to be a big time star. I'm with you on on Fonseca being a good opponent for I thought Romero Doodo was a good opponent for him he just made real short work of Ramiro doodle do a tough rugged guy coming in straightforward was coming to knock Ryan Garcia Garcia. Just flattened him in that first round. I mean his power I think he's real his speed Israel and I've got a chance to be up close for his last. Few fights does seem to me. Dan like he's improving. As a member of Renault's it seems like he's getting he's adding stuff to his game that I think we'll only be on display. I just wonder and you mentioned tank. Davis is ready for that at this point is at this stage of his career if they can make politics aside if they can make tank Davis Ryan Garcia in two thousand twenty. Is that a competitive fight to you. I mean I don't think he's ready for that level of a fight at the moment and honestly you know. It's good that he talks about those. I just don't see that happening. Not Because Ryan doesn't want the fight but you know the political obstacles of making a match like that golden boy working with me with their promotions Is Highly Unlikely Tank fights on showtime. You know it's it's they're not Gonna. Bring Brian Garcia the showtime Leonard l'herbe an and the and the mayweather team are not GonNa look to bring tank Davis to disown. They had a one off offer for several million dollars to bring him there to fight against Against Kevin Farmer. They didn't they didn't take it so you know they're doing their own thing. Not to mention you know it. It's very unclear at this moment in time. What Tank Davis is immediate? Future is because he has a legal issues because of a a domestic violence charge that was put on him recently for that video that went viral that everybody saw. So you know. Tank Davis got other things to worry about besides Ryan Garcia Ryan. Garcia's got things to worry about. Francisco Fonseca I like to step up. Fight against us. If Morris is successful and on the undercard and Ryan wins the fight in the main event I think people have to remember one thing also by the way about Ryan Garcia. He's twenty one years old. He's still a baby with nineteen professional fights and and I don't even think he's got sixty professional rounds as a professional this far. So you know there's a lot that is expected of him but he still needs some time to continue to develop. He's getting there. He's awfully close. I don't think it's GonNa be a long time. But it's you know the still young this game and he still needs and deserves the opportunity to grow into a fighter that we think he can become. Look I agree with you? I think tank Davis fight now would be competitive largely. Because I still don't know what Tag Davis is either. I mean he's got tanks get really got one reasonably good win on his resume and Soza Raza. You know he's got to you know to titles in two different weight classes if you want to call them that. But he hasn't proven anything either especially at one hundred and thirty five pounds where that fight would take place. Ryan is a natural one hundred. Thirty five to revenge is going to grow out of it. The next couple of fights I think whereas tank is just a guy that feels like. He's on his way out of one. Thirty and is is sitting at one hundred thirty five pounds but for tank. Danny's is new into the wake was also because he had fought You know at one hundred thirty up until you know the middle of two thousand eighteen. So he's only had a few fights in the one hundred thirty five pounds of vision but again it's because at twenty one years old he's still growing tank is at twenty five is growing other than you know. Maybe maybe not taking his training as seriously as His team would have hoped it was interesting looking at twitter. The other day I saw Andre Ward the Great Fighter Future Hall of Famer. Espn broadcasters had a tweet out going into managers and promoters. There's a time and place for building a fighter tuneup slash. Stay busy fights if that's all you're fighter fights. You're doing them a disservice day. They face an elite fighter. They won't be ready. Reward comes with risk manage the risks. But don't avoid them now. I don't know who was talking about but he very easily could have been talking about Davis in that in that respect. I mean you know. Look Davis is a great talent and exciting. And you know. He's got some element of charisma. He's obviously showing that he can draw some fans and in a variety of different locations in his hometown etc but is resumes Kinda thin. I mean he had a good win against Pedraza. Obviously that was a good win when he first won his first world. Title the Win Against Jimbo. You know a good name who who who had looked decent last couple of fights including on Tanks undercard in the previous fight. But then when you really take a look at it. He went twelve rounds with a guy who spent about ten rounds fighting with a torn Achilles. That did not make that win. Looked great to be quite honest. I mean I'm not knocking tank. I'm a I'm a fan of watching him fight but you know they might want to reassess where he has in his boxing life not necessarily in his ability to become a star in generate Eyeballs and ticket sales know that but you know he needs to be a little more consistent in the ring it seems to me. He's got great speed. Good power I think if you can fight at one thirty this probably best for him but look I mean if he. I assume that Leo Santa Cruz is still very much on the radar for for them. I don't know what I'd learn about. Tank Davis Dan in that typified. Either Leo is at the end of his career. Even though chronologically is not that old I do think he's been in so many tough fights that he's kind of towards the end of his his better years I think tank probably wipes them out especially if it's one hundred and thirty five pounds. I learn a lot from from the fight. You say you don't know witch for that fight. I don't learn a lot about tank Davis from a fight like that. Well I mean I think you'd learn about you. Know at least from the point of view of how he responds in a much higher profile fight than he's ever been in before because that would be on pay per view. There'd be a lot more demands on his time in terms of of media and fan and sort of stuff to prepare for that fight. Leo Is an the most accomplished fighter that he would ever ever have faced You know who knows his way around the ring who's been in some very solid opposition during his career so while I think it's a opportunistic selection of an opponent and I do think that Tang probably would be the favourite and probably would win. You know I don't think it's like a massive walk in the park either for him. You Know Leo Santa Cruz Proud Warrior and is not Unfamiliar with get in there and throwing down if necessary so You know there's some entry to me for that fight is it. It might be more intrigued by some other matchups. Yeah of course but I still think that's a good interesting fight and I'd like to see I think that's a very reasonable step for a dramatic Davis breath both in terms of his competition level as well as in terms of the marketability because of the fact that they would look to put that as a pay per view fight. Let me ask you this temporarily putting the legal issues aside and they are significant. Believe me. I'm not discounting that but let's just say that tank Davis Spikes Leo Santa Cruz in. May and then he wins in a convincing style. Do you think that he turns down? An opportunity to fight the winner of Loma Chanko versus Lopez. I know there are politics there but that would be for the undisputed one hundred and thirty five pound championship. A boatload of money. Do.

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