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If they fantastic starting point, but to go out there and make a guaranteed definitive plan that especially this early in the season, you wanna be careful what that's a game that you wanna have circled and say, my number says this, I'm going to look more at it as opposed to saying my number says this, I'm gonna play it. If you're out there grabbing numbers on Sunday with openers because you think numbers going to move in your favor and then you can either buy out or hold your position. That's one thing, but what these sale numbers that are out there in have been out there. You've got to consider both your power rating number and also your handicap of the game and what you expect from those two teams. Yeah, totally agree. I think that, you know, to be honest with you, I think a game like a Wyoming. Mexico state is an interesting Andy CAPP. You know, the other game this coming weekend and not not a big fan of, but I like to Wyoming Mexico state as far as the handicapped and I'll just go ahead and get some thoughts as far as New Mexico's. They start with New Mexico state threw the ball sixty five point four, four, nine percent of their offense plays last year. That was second in the nation, Washington state. Now they have a big question Mark quarterback, and they have no star running back either. And like you said, they lost the Trump wide receiver. So what's the new identity of this offense? I Don. I don't think anybody knows the answer to that, so they were really fast paced last year. Do they want to do the same thing? I think it might be a little bit difficult at least from week one to, you know, be in the top six or eight in the country and tempo having all new skill position players there. I think that could be pretty difficult. They turned it over twenty seven times last. This year, it's certainly going to be less dynamic issue so they can't afford this kind of missteps this season. On the other side as far as New Mexico state, you have to say, I really impressed with what New Mexico state on defense last year when from six point, six yards per play, allowed to five point four yards per play allowed. Think you have to give defensive coordinator smell the Onny a lot of credit. They turned doing into tacking defense, a defense that didn't just sit back and try to bend, but don't break. They came after you and it worked for them. So I think New Mexico state defense is going to be solid again this year. I think the big question Mark is what's going to happen, what the offense and you know why the team that we've talked about last week, Josh Allen gone, but they're healthier on the offense of line. They should be better running the football and Josh Allens numbers last year, but really not that good. So I, I think there's offense is certainly going to be better later in the season than what they were last year. The question is how they're going to do and we Quan, I, I know that defense is. Good. I think Wyoming's defense is tremendous. Defensive line is excellent. Top twenty five in the country. They'll give lots of teams big trouble in the mountain west this year, and and the key to this game for me if you like Wyoming, I think this is the huge key game Wyoming. Defensive line has a really big advantage of the New Mexico state often zip line. And you know if they have that big a an advantage against the New Mexico's, they'd offense of line and then you have all this fresh quarterback running back wide receiver. That is certainly a troubling sign for New Mexico state. Yeah, and one other point I'll make your total of forty six on this game. I know you're a big time totals guy, but that's another thing that you want to keep in mind as you're putting together your power ratings numbers is that you want to make sure that you're spread you keep in mind what the total is..

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