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I kind of feel like it's it's not fair to start talking about basketball that almost like it would be a distraction for me. But maybe that's exactly what I needed a distraction. So here's what you need to know. The warriors have won nine games in a row and watch out because as well as Kevin Durant is played as well as Steph curry is playing boogie cousins is the guy that you need to start worrying about now because just his third game back and he's already had a seventeen point game in twenty four minutes. And as he starts to get this basketball shape back and he starts to to get those basketball lungs back. Well, then I don't know how you beat them. Not that they won't at some point lose game here there and maybe a guy get injured. Another guy gets injured who knows I don't pre. Predict the future for that reason. Because you never know what types of things can happen to a team inside the locker room. But the problem is if they lose one all star or two all stars. They still have three stars. And by problem. I just mean problem for the rest of the NBA, and we talked about it the last show with James harden, and how that's not a sustainable model. Having one guy score sixty one points and night as awesome as it may be for that one guy. It's not good enough to beat a better team in a seven game series or five game series or any other kind of series two game series. It's just not good enough. And believe it or not as much as. People were full of consternation so much name calling when Kevin Durant joined the warriors. Now, they've got boogie cousins. That's five all stars. And if he continues to play well, he adds a dimension to that team that they have not had under Steve Kerr. So they're playing their best basketball this season. They've won nine in a row. They're now two games clear of the Western Conference, and that's not a lot. It's certainly not insurmountable. But the idea is that they had to work their way up to the point at which they were getting past injuries. Right. And they were passing teams as they were climbing. But now you wonder with clean air in front of them to use a NASCAR term now that I'm thinking about Talladega and Shane streaking down the road. Now that they have clean air in front of them. Are they just going to run away with it? So that's what I that's what I think. Now, as I watched the way that they're playing and Steve Kerr is not going to tell you that. But he is going to admit that this is some pretty great hoops that they're putting out there. It's the best stretch that we've had all season. In a while. Really? I'm not sure if we had a stress like this last season either at our guys are playing hard and competing well together and DeMarcus is fitting right in just trying to get a little better every day. And he so laid back about it too. Right Steph curry goes out there and pours in thirty eight doesn't even shoot that. Well, from beyond the arc did most of his damage from inside the three point line. Boogie has seventeen o. Kevin Durant has twenty one. Okay. Well, it's all right. If clay only has ten twelve I don't even know how many Klay had but. The thing that makes it work for the warriors is not all the talent. Okay. Because we've seen other teams with a ton of talent you have to be able to navigate the number of touches you have to be able to navigate who gets what. And when and you have to navigate the fact that some nights some guys are barely going to touch the ball. Or if they do they're only going to touch it to pass it on to the other guy. So remember the night when clay hit is I ten threes smart basketball to feed the guy who's on point who's hot. Can they continue to do that? I don't even think that's a question. They've already proven that. This is a model. They can sustain it may not work in a lot of other places. It takes the right kind of guys. Now does it mean, they're all best buddies? Does it mean sometimes they wanna bite each other's heads off, absolutely? We've already seen some of that stuff boil up with Draymond green. And Kevin Durant. This year. But for the good of the team, and that's the idea. As much as they all could take over a game. And at various times, they will. The fact is they're willing to do what's best for the team. And you know, who else that works for the patriots one reason why they're back in the Super Bowl yet. Again. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio on Twitter, a radio, I do feel better. When you send me the pictures of polar bears. Since I'm in Baltimore. How about this news? John Harbaugh for your contract extension to remain head coach of the Baltimore Ravens and already one of the highest paid coaches in the NFL, though, we don't know the financial terms, and he definitely deserves it in my opinion. Not only have the ravens reached the playoff seven of his eleven seasons at the helm. But they were wallowing around at five hundred looking up at the Steelers in the AFC north for a good portion of the season, especially around the midway point and then on into the second half. And that it's crazy how things change right? The Steelers seemingly were in charge of their own fate. They had won six in a row. Gosh. I these details are so vivid. Because it's it's crazy what happened to Pittsburgh. But all of this nuts the way that Baltimore did not quite a a one eighty. Somewhere between a ninety one eighty one. Well, the one twenty. Steelers end up dropping four of their last five including three in a row to the AFC west. The chargers being at home when they had a sixteen point lead at halftime. And the ravens have Joe flacco get hurt. They turned to their rookie QB who admits he never expected to be on the field this season. Forget starting in games that would matter for the playoffs. And so they end up going six one with Lamar Jackson John Harbaugh sticks with the rookie instead of going back to Flaco when he's cleared. So of course, that signals the end of an era in Baltimore for the quarterback. But not for the coach. And it's it's this interesting dilemma where. The Lamar Jackson model the ball control. That's great. But you cannot have a running quarterback not a run I quarterback not for long. In that case, the NFL would Stanford not for long it only works. Ford. Well as long as the guy can stay away from getting hit. But if you're going to continue to run it's just a matter of time, and he was great at it. He was great at helping them. Keep the ball away from their opponents again the ball control offense. But how long can he stay healthy? How long can they do that? And just think about the. The receiving core. The tight ends. If that's their model can you Lauren big free agents. Now, they did this past year. Bring in several free agents that helped initially remember they started out real hot. So you've got this whole idea that going with Lamar Jackson. Allow John Harbaugh to get this four year extension. I don't think there's any question. Those two are connected in some way, shape or form. Maybe harbor ends up coaching the final year of his deal. Maybe doesn't get an extension. Maybe they decided to part ways. These things are tied. But. I firmly believe Jackson has to morph into more of a passer pass. I quarterback fewer risks taken otherwise that will be the QB that they have as their starter for too long. But the idea is that at least John Harbaugh's around to make those decisions at least he's around to confront that problem when they get there you cross that bridge when you get to it. But if he doesn't get the contract extension doesn't agree to stay. That's not even his concern. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. I'm in Baltimore at one five seven the fan. The studios are gorgeous Charlie's taking good care of me. So thank you so much for having me here. We're gonna have to come back. There's a lotta people meet eleven radio stations here. And now a lot of the morning shows are coming in and getting ready to go on the air. So that's awesome. It's been fun to meet a bunch of the people some from the night crew. And now moving forward to the morning crew and people coming in and waving or staring. I mean, people do that too. So anyway, thank you for having me Baltimore. It's awesome. I will definitely come back when I'm not quite so stressed. I can't sit still I've telling the God's honest truth. I'm sitting in my chair, and I'm like bouncing all around. It's good that you can't see me. My legs are bouncing up and down because I'm nervous about what's to come publicly too nervous to even take advantage of the couple hours that I'll have to flip. So that that's just me. It's my personality. Sometimes okay. A lot of times when I'm really nervous. I can't turn my brain off. And so instead of taking advantage of that time to relax and sleep be catch a nap. No. Instead, I am freaking out about stuff that most likely never happens. Actually that is exactly where it right now. There's a big old glass window where people are walking by looking in. So yes, exactly that I can easily make the segue since we're talking about football and John Harbaugh and Chuck Pagano was the defensive coordinator going back to don't tell me two thousand eleven with the Baltimore Ravens. And then he went to the colts. And he was the head coach. He is now the defensive coordinator in Chicago, which is amazing because we get more Chuck Pagano wisdom's. Now, a lot of things, you know, the coach Nagy would tell you sitting in that chair now for your and I sat in it for six years. There's many times when I was sitting in now. Dave. Thank you. Awesome. Thank you so much, so Chuck you can just wait. So you remember all the Chuck Pagano lines that we got as a head coach, right? Where he gave us these gems. They can fire you, but they can't eat you. Oh, that's priceless. We need more of those except he says he's done being a head coach. Actually, this is kind of the revelation. We got from his press conference to take over at Chicago's defensive coordinator. He actually says he's fine. Not being the guy in charge. There's a lot of things, you know, the coach Nagy would tell you sitting in a chair now for a year and it for six years. There's many times when I was sitting in that chair. Defensive coordinator gun Mandalay were shows a secondary. Coach wasn't nothing to do a coaching was nothing. Do you know the football part of it? Some of the other stuff that comes with it. But that's part of the job, you know. So again, it's it's been around the people the staff that he's put together. The roster that he's put together. You know, the players the coaching staff. I mean, it's just go on and on and on again coach at heart. Just like coach Nagy love to coach football. And it wouldn't matter what the role was very very fortunate to have this opportunity to get the shop. He's just admitting there were times when he did not want to talk to the media into their questions and face all of the crap. There's there's crap at every job. Let's be honest. There's crabbing my job. In fact, I had to deal with some of it on Thursday. So as even late getting down to Baltimore, we all have job crap that we get stuck with. And it's decidedly unfair the life is not fair, of course. But but Ghana's referring to that kind of stuff all the extemporaneous little details in tasks that come along with being a head coach. That's why even the greatest football minds are not all cut out to be head coaches. And there are a lot of guys rank and file in the NFL that don't want to be head coaches for that reason fire. You can't eat you. Well true, but they could try they do they try. Oh my gosh. So many of you weighing in on Facebook this morning and also your tweets about the polar bear plunge. I'm I'm going to attempt videos leading into it. And hey, I'm here. AM? And then afterwards as well. But sometimes I forget about the social media part. But I will try promise and our next guest who will join us in studio after the break assures me there will be multiple camera angles. No, no, no, no one asked for that. Okay. I didn't ask for that. By the way. Breaking news. Novak Djokovic cruises through the semis at the Australian Open, and he will battle on doll in the men's final. So we have no Naomi Osaka and Patrick Evita with not just the Australian Open title. But also the number one ranking in the world for the women that's on the line and then Novak against Rafa in the men's final. So some high profile matches coming.

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