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He got man baby trendy gut mandate fantastic. Nancy Pelosi has just released a statement echoing what Malcolm Nance said about the fact that this is not just about his man baby fit is about compromising by the way. This is I I understand if you've just tuned in your life. But what about him ordering Michael congress covered that we'll cover to cover. This is so much going on out there. Covered that we've already game over on. Yeah. It's like an all you can eat li- buffet. So you can go back, and you have more chicken you can get some roles. There you go everything she said in light of the grave threats caused by the president's action the delegation has decided to postpone the trip. So as not to further endanger, our troops and security personnel or the other travelers on the flights. Again. You can't understate what Malcolm Nance said Donald Trump just compromise the top secret operational security, not just of speaker Pelosi who is second in line to the presidency. But now our enemies nowhere. Advance security teams are military flights tribal chiefs and diplomats who were going to meet the number three USA leader. Their lives are at great risk now. The problem is we need a catchphrase we need to collect trip. Ghazi? So people will be aware of it trip. Brasi that okay, Travis that another impeachable in addition. But but the obstruction of Justice suborning perjury charge earlier that was the first thing Nixon that was the first count against Nixon as we've discussed already speaker Pelosi, by the way, saying she didn't cancel it. She asked him to postpone it until they opened the government. By not deny. Let's get a date when governor is open that employee. Maybe he thinks it's okay, not to pay people to do work. I don't and my caucus doesn't either? Gary Cohen ex Trump right economic guy denounce the shutdown. Instead, I'm confused as to what the White House strategy is on this a little bit. Well, he said the shutdown completely wrong. We'll it's big. That's the problem. He has no strategy on anything. Syria. Shutdowns like he has. No, okay. He's so bent on what he perceives to be winning. I'm going to win. I need to win. I can't back down that was two days ago impeachable offense, saying, I I one ISIS defeated right on the day that U US troops are killed by ISIS in Syria because we sent the equipment out in this chaotic withdrawal. I okay, I can't even low seat one more time. Here we go. Not at the last one. We went to I think was it said the president founded as leverage to leave the room, but we're negotiating table. And I'd never discourage anybody from not accepting invitations from the president of the United States there yesterday. So I don't know which meeting you're talking about that. We're not at. Okay. So her caucus stood with her. God bless them. Right. They did not take his bait to try to undermine her by going to some stupid lunch. Yeah. What she probably would have served the same day old Clemson food. Yeah. Okay. Adding dope us Adam Schiff talking about this. We think this.

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