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You would gulf down to johnny call i had a little bit too record store or maybe there's a gig cnn exactly all local an all that much like what you do hear live and local and just you know went on the idea that there is so much happening on a grassroots basis and he was gonna capture very much akin to uh what the eleanor max did uh in the 1930s and 1940s a father john lomax feels recordings and others blues out yeah exactly so allah would afford can't i guess you technically got to do that how much is up in fort candidate but the funny that the funny thing about going after the end when he well it but the funny thing is that he thought that was the end because he had lived in key west florida and there are the sign that says uh for route one mile marker one but when he got to four can't he discovered that there was a mile marker that they believed that their mark of one tono air so uh but he did discover and got some press a local media about his project the route one project and the fact that the in a subaru knowing than than uh ernie bunk junior and the music drives with underwrote the whole project didn't know unit check what i've known check for so long uh chuck white and his wife uh an infant son lived on the third floor of my house uh in the 1980s and it yeah and he was he was in a band called dreads knack uh than actually got some mtv airplane and and haruna rumble yeah and he subsequently was involved with the joyce lend a hand who's now part of uh mayor walsh is she's chiefofstaff put the chart can joycelyn hambur working at green street station and they were involved with bands that were doing club dates like nirvana and chuck himself built and archive of collection of about seven thousand pieces of music memorabilia devoted to boston and when it came time to pay for his kids college education he said i can't be carrying this collection on my back any knew about it a bone now i know i bought it said unseen because i knew such quality knew chuck yeah i knew chuck chuck is still working with me at the nor would space center.

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