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April twenty-sixth Hannah, Montana ran on the Disney channel for four seasons. That's two thousand six to twenty eleven and also spawned a movie it feels like it was on so much longer than just four seasons. 'cause she became such a huge. Celebrities that show is a part of our household for the better part of that decade. Oh, and then all of the repeats. I mean, only four years. Wow. I thought it was much man mikailah used to sing those boomed clap clap clap. Sorry. Here's a show that was on longer than Hannah Montana. Remember mad about you ninety sitcom that starred Helen hunt and Paul Reiser. Well, yep. It's coming back, folks. Both of them are reprising their roles for a twelve episode limited series. That's been picked up by the on demand platform snack trim originals. It's going to premiere late this year mad about you originally ran for seven seasons between nineteen ninety two and nineteen ninety nine for the longest time those two characters Helen hunt and Paul Reiser were relationship goals. I love their marriage. It was I love their friendship and romance. And the only thing that bums me out about this is that it's another service. We're going to have to go pay for. If you wanted it. I don't even know what. Hulu another ten dollars a month. That's your showbiz. Read these stories and more the Toby in Chile page at wash FM dot com. Coming up, Kelly Clarkson, tickets are nearly impossible question. Get ready to play and win those rat around six forty and then just after six o'clock this morning, a bride kicked her sister out of the wedding. Well, well, well, was she a jerk or justified? You be the judge. Once we tell you what happened. That's after six o'clock justified thing is getting used a lot this week. I think there's something to something in the water. I'm thinking this week right now. A look at traffic..

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