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The way. Paul george ed. Thirty six tonight against his former team clippers win durant had thirty one for the nets in their blow. Out of the t. wolves coups mad. Twenty four and the lakers win over the hornets. Hornets had five of their six. Best scores out. Glad i bet on them than i. I went well. Celtics trail blazers by three at the half and the heat sons sixty three video seven suns by the way in that game. Oh here it is the jazz one by ten. The door for the thunder had forty two points. He went off nobody else. Did anything door had. Forty two seven and three. He was sixteen at thirty. One from the floor had seven threes to get him back in the game. Utah was up twenty. One was six minutes laugh. Something like that and they won by ten. They didn't cover the seventeen and huck they were up. They were covering they had it all and then the back door cover by the thunder unbelievable. The rangers beat the doubles tonight. Three to nothing at the rock. I was watching that game for a while. Like picking teeth. Chester made twenty seven saves. i know your boy. The former leader of iran's zebina job with the goal one nothing that goal stood up forever and then later i think they got a parent. Bradman had a goal and boots navacerrada goal three nothing shutout as the rangers are four games over five hundred now twenty. Sixteen and six. What do you think. The rangers mafia dave Turn their season around and that. They're actually winning. are they. Good to see you know with all the young talent that the building around you know. They struggled in the beginning kakuma frontier. Those guys weren't getting it done even for a long time. We're just not scoring and when he's not scoring you know you're gonna be in trouble but then they started getting going all. These guys are contributing again. But harry was always hopping on crowder's have been a job which knavish the young guys are. All played out of fox looks incredible on the defensive side ryan. Strom had like a twelve game more. I don't even know it might still be going on. He had eleven games last. I checked for point streak. You know every games contributing so there everybody involved and looking good they just maybe need one or two other illegal moves that could put them over into playoff contenders in the coming years of not gonna make it this year. I think they're going to catch the bruins at this point. They seem to have corrected the ship there and now they have halls kind of helped them out. But i think they're a good upcoming team especially if the goal tender's play as they can just in struggled also in the beginning. I think he's get back to form as well now so i think they have a good future if they can keep main core together and we'll see if they had anything in the offseason so i guess the bruins one in a shootout over buffalo tonight three two and taylor halls first game with the bruins. He didn't score charlie. Coyle and debrosse cad. These shootout goals to lead boston to the win. The capitals blew out the flyers. Six to one tonight in dc ovechkin a power play goal. They just got a mantha from detroit. He scored a goal. Haggling backstrom on the power. Play wilson on the power. Play sheree on the power. Play total humiliation of the flyers and they have In my opinion fallen on hard times only two games over five hundred thousand nine hundred seventeen and six. The flyers are in big trouble. Mister flames beat the leaves in odom time. Johnny would be winter thirty six seconds into the extra session in toronto. The flames come up big about the predators there on phya. They beat the lightning tonight. And i made me tell you. They pounded him. Seven to two arvidsson with two goals and an assist yosi a goal to assess you'll hanson cysts. They had it all going. Citizens had a goal. Yosi arvidsson gremaldi arvidsson. I told you twice. I mean they are really playing great hockey. they're twenty four nineteen in one now and they are just creeping up the standings and winning left and right i take the panthers on the road tonight in dallas and they win it in Time the tronto. The winner on a power play goal in the extra session three. Oh nine as the panthers improved a twenty seven twelve and four. Nobody getting a brodsky. Any love interestingly enough when they talk about the playoffs if they were to meet. You know the lightning in the playoffs. That's kinda where i'm going here i. It's interesting i wonder mafia. Do you buy into The in the play offs or you along the lines everybody else. That thinks he'll fail in the postseason expecting them to be the one to win and move on in that division. Or even maybe probably. In the first round i think that tappin carolina just better than them right now other is going to be his fault. I think is going to be a similar situation. Would he added columbus all those years. Where you know. I think he's gonna play well he's gonna play saul by even steal game or two for them and then it's just not gonna me now on the guy from the guys in front of him and he got tap and carolina coming your way. I just don't think the guy have enough to compete with those teams for a whole series. Had their backup and cold tonight That won that game forum. He didn't even play tonight. So we'll see how he holds up in the end. But i think it was last night that i could be wrong. I just i wanna look so. It was monday night. Yeah the deletes in that camel guy finally lost a game and then they lose again tonight in overtime on the good roll goal as i mentioned and just want to see if in terms of who scored in terms of who played in goal. I can't even find it. So i can't even find stupid thing anyway. They beat them. So there you go. I was looking for who started in goal for them than i for some reason. I can't find it i just. There's so much so. The new goalie showed up and played and lost.

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