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It is lonely at the top. You know there's you can't share your issues or your concerns or your insecurities with your employees. You could, but you shouldn't know and then you're like well I. Don't WanNa. Share it with my wife and my kids because they look at me as Do what do I mean we as as leaders as entrepreneurs I, think were absolutely shooting ourselves in the foot. If we don't have somebody that we can trust, that can take our life by the Horn so to speak and direct US get us in. Get us in the right direction, so thank you for the work that you're doing, but got a couple more questions for you here Bruce. Go Inspires you. A strong leaders or coaches that you look up to and go man that is somebody that really inspires me. Well first of all Chris you inspire me, because I know you've coached a lot of people and you're the CEO. But you know I was hoping you'd say gone, but of course you're going to say. Well you know it's true. I've also been very impressed by Brendon. Burchard he is a powerful coach, and he created a thing called total product print, and I when all through his training, and learn so much about how to out of meet people where they are and bring them to where they want to be to bring them to that goal that they're hoping to achieve and I mean he is just such an amazing person, so so many people follow him on facebook and Oprah actually calls him as one of the world's most brilliant coaches. It's pretty incredible. Another person that has really impress me over the years is Brian Tracy and He'd. He's written a lot of books. I think he wrote over sixty or seventy books, and he actually wrote a book with me, I. AM In this book. It's the success principles cracking the success principles. To Amaze me Bruce. How did you do this well? Even know that you're in a book all. Well Brian Tracy's team reached out to me and they wanted me to be in this book and Yeah, and so I just I mean I was amazed when I met Brian and and spent time talking to them and talking to him about his take on bullying this kind of thing, so Brian Tracy is actually been a a huge influence in my life as well. Yeah there. There are quite a number of people, but those are those are two or three people Chris. I also find that quite interesting too because. Brian Tracy really comes at a an approach. That's very practical. Practical Best Practices ideas things that you can do to implement to make your life better. Your Business Better Ren Rashard comes from I think more of the emotional side. And helping you untangle some of the mind nuts that we get over time, so you've really got quite a. Two very good people because they balanced you out quite well, well Bruce. Tell me this. How how can people work with you? How can people get in touch with you I? Know that you're kind of you've been really focused on the podcast, but you're going to start opening up applications here soon to start doing some coaching. How do people do that? So yes Chris. That's right. I have been putting a lot of time into the PODCAST, but I've also been putting a lot of time into creating a free forty five minute training, and that is for you mindful tribe. This free training is something that features the five pillars of success five strategies, five aspects that I believe are most vital for you to move forward and many of these strategies I've. I've learned from experts and successful people that I've interviewed for the podcast over five hundred of them, so you can have this training for free go to stand up now blueprint dot com, and at the end of that training session you'll be given an opportunity to be on a thirty minute. Call with me, and if you WANNA just go right ahead and go to that thirty minute. Call I. Without doing the training, you.

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